Tuesday, June 16, 2009

where does hate come from?

Why is there so much hate in the world?

This is what's been rattling around in my brain lately, ever since a white supremacist entered the Holocaust museum and opened fire, killing a security guard. He didn't just hate Jews, but his hate was so passionate that it drove him to want to kill those he hated. And a week before, a fanatic went into a church and shoots down an abortion doctor all in the name of pro-life. How can someone who proclaims to be pro-life snuff out a life? I don't understand hate and I definitely don't understand murder. How does someone have that much hate in them?

I googled "where does hate come from" and found a few interesting sites and tidbits of information. One shared theory is that all hatred arises from a story; there can be no hatred without a tale of woe to tell about how the hater has been wronged in some way. Others (professionals and otherwise) have stated that it comes from fear, ignorance, arrogance, a sense of superiority, upbringing, and/or insecurities.

I say it's a combination of at least some of these, if not all of them. In some ways, they're all intertwined with each other. That's why I wrote what I did in yesterday's post. I think ignorance is common. Judgement comes from ignorance. In fact, we can all look at that list and find one or more areas where we may personally struggle with. But I think it's safe to say that we don't allow it to become hate. Or maybe it does, to some degree. Maybe there's more hate in us common folk than we know or are willing to admit to. I don't know. Does anyone know?

I realize I'm asking questions that I'll never get clear answers to. I simply don't think there are any answers to the age old question of; Why does the seed of hate bloom in some but not others? It's just one of those sad facts of life. And it makes me feel sad for those who let hatred rule and ruin their lives.

God wants us to live a life of joy. There can be no true joy when hatred is present. In my humble opinion, true joy comes from love - loving and being loved. Imagine what this world would be like if we all practiced love more. Who knows how many lives might be changed? Who knows how much hate might be driven away?

Hate is easy.
Love takes courage.


Momma Roar said...

The last quote is so true.

My thoughts: Love comes from God - without Him there is only hate.

I'll have to go back and read yesterday's - I'm just blogging sporadically while at the beach.

Just Mom said...

*standing ovation*

I've been thinking about this topic, too. As I learned about these shooters, I realized I was becoming dangerously close to being too judgemental about them and their actions. There is also a danger in assuming that the actions of individuals (or a small group of people) speak for an entire population. That can lead us to fear, and then hate.

btw ... I like what LA said. :-D

Lisa said...

Hi, Colorado neighbor! I'm sure glad you stopped by, as I've thoroughly enjoyed returning the visit! These are important thoughts, and so well expressed. Very excellent post! (I'll be baaaack... &:o)

Melissa said...

That's an interesting question... where does hate come from? And I think you're right - it's probably a combination of things that twist a person to the point of being able to hate that much.
I remember a friend one time saying "I hate people who are prejudice" He was trying to be funny, but I wonder how many of us do carry little things around like that?
Very good post... love the last quote!

Karen said...

Good morning Diana.
Actually - so many people don't have a "cloche" that she added apothecary jars because so many people want to participate.
A cloche is exactly what you see in the picture. An apothecary jar has a "lid" on it. I believe it stems from the days when herbs and plants were the only form of medicine and they kept them in apothecary jars in an apothecary shop! Makes sense to me!
GO to her blog and you'll see some wonderful examples of both.
Then join in on the fun. I'm curious to see how many wonderful ways to use them both will be on display. I love my cloches. I just started "collecting" them. HA! (don't tell me husband!)
have a great day! Karen

J-ME said...

Hi Diana, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. I enjoy your blog. Your comments are thought provoking. We do need more love and joy in our world. We need God's love. I like the quote of the day
"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread." ~Mother Teresa
I hope you don't mind me using that on my Facebook page to go with my Haiti photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Deep things to think about. You last words are great...full of truth.


Susan said...

God is love - just as the darkness leaves when light comes, evil must leave when one takes on love. So as LA said so well, evil is the absense of God's love.

MightyMom said...

the devil uses our own worst character traits against us...in order to pull us away from God.
The devil takes our hurt or fear or whatever bad emotion and (like a HP dementor) the devil diminishes the good feelings until that fear or hurt grows and twists into hate.

hate is a complete pulling away from the grace and mercy that God gives us and that God wants us to give each other. it is evil. it is caused by a person allowing that evil to grow in their hearts.

I am mad at/hurt by someone...I think ooo I hate them...then I have a choice. Do I choose to show mercy and grace to that person and strive to look on them with eyes of love or do I continue down the path of all the reasons/ways that I hate them? one is rightous, the other is evil.