Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a story in picture form

I love looking at photographs. I look at them with a critical photographer's eye, thinking what I would have done to make them a better or more interesting picture. I look at them in awe, as I'm only an amateur photographer. I look at them as motivation to go out and take better pictures. They make me want to be a better photographer.

Many photos are simply a tribute to nature or the photographer (or both). I love pictures of nature and wildlife.

Many photos record life, which then becomes history. Whether it's family history or history on a larger scale, pictures save, for us, that moment in time that we simply want to remember or preserve for future generations.

In this day in age, many photos have been digitally enhanced or manipulated. Even though these don't represent pure photography (in my book), they can still be enjoyable to view. The creativity and skill are worth admiring.

But for me, there's more to most photographs. I love looking at photographs because of the story that is represented. There's something to the sayings, "every picture tells a story" or "a picture is worth a thousand words." And as I gaze at a photograph - any photo - I can't help but wonder what the story is.

I peruse a few different photo sites each day, just to look at the pictures. There are some amazing photos out there. I think it feeds my soul to sit and gaze upon nature, upon true art, upon the many places in this world and the differences between them and my world, but most of all... to be shown a story.

My two favorite photo sites (at the moment) are: Flickr and Pixdaus.


brspeer said...

I absolutely LOVE the lady bug one. Is that yours?

Jamey said...

I love pictures too! I'll have to check out those websites. That lady bug picture is amazing!!

diana said...

no, the ladybug isn't mine. none are except the large family.

MightyMom said...

look at that awesome pic of all those toy soldiers!!!

I love it!!


great post darling.

Just Mom said...

I love looking through high-quality magazines for photo/angle ideas. Yes, photos do tell stories.

Melissa said...

I like to look at the pictures of Flickr every now and again too... I have to be careful though or I end up spending WAY too much time looking. :)

Anonymous said...

I love looking at photos too. Here's another site you might like that I visit every day:

Karen said...

OK, I know I must be living in the dark ages, but I don't know what Flicker is - or Twitter for that matter. I have never looked at Facebook either. I guess I keep thinking, "I don't need to find one more thing that takes more time" . . . just blogging is hard enough. :)
But! If you would clue me in as to what is what and give me a "starting point", maybe it's time I took the plunge.
I just might regret asking you that . . .
I love the ladybug. That is an awesome photo.
I got the manual out on our new camera yesterday, and it's about as complicated as a computer. We treated ourselves to a Canon EOS Rebel XS (?) and when it is all on automatic it's great. But! I want to take more complicated shots and that is the hard part! ONE MORE THING TO LEARN! UGH!
Anyway - have a great day and we'll "talk" soon.

Momma Roar said...

I too enjoy the story a photo tells. Makes it more fun when I can get a picture to tell a story...and with my kids - that's usually pretty easy! haha

nancy said...

I really love the photos. I have a lot of photo sites I visit on Flickr. Will have to look at the other one you mentioned.