Tuesday, November 11, 2008

political call

Last week, the day after the election, my phone rang and when I looked at the caller ID, I was shocked. It said POLITICAL CALL. How can that be?, I wondered. The election is over.

I am so thankful for my called ID because it kept me from having to listen to countless political calls. I was in the same mode that day after the election so I didn't even have to think about answering. My internal auto-pilot kicked in and told me, we do not answer those calls. But as the third and last ring was sounding, my brain kicked in and I couldn't help but wish I had picked up just to see what the caller would say.

My chance came a few days later. [I don't know why it took them so long to get back to me.] My phone rang, the caller ID showed POLITICAL CALL, and I answered it.

It was the Republican Party. They asked me one question, "Are you satisfied with the results of the election or are you disappointed with the outcome?" I gave them my answer, they said thank you, and that was that.

I was wondering if anyone else got a similar call. I was also wondering to what purpose they were going to use this information. I'm always wondering. And I hope the political calls are done with, for at least a couple of years.

Dani called me today not because she needed anything, but just to talk to me, to catch me up on her life. It's a blessing to have the kind of relationship I have with my daughter. A close relationship where she wants to stay in touch with me and share her life with me. Thanks Danielle.

Blessing #11 in a month's worth of blessings.


MightyMom said...

well, we don't have caller id but screen all our calls through the answering machine.

For some reason people always hang up once the machine announces that "We are chasing children."

don't know why..........

Penless Thoughts said...

No such call here and we do not screen our calls.

Karen said...

We didn't get any calls after the election and yours is the first I've heard of post-election. We were inundated with calls. If it showed a LD number, I just didn't pick up.

Ken said...

That was a strange call in deed!

And I too have a close relationship with my daughter. she lives 3,000miles away but we talk at least 5 times a week and usually more.

Jamey said...

I love our caller ID too. How nice for your daughter to call for no reason. My mom and I are like that and I pray that Siri and I will be like that as she gets older. How great for both of you!!