Wednesday, November 19, 2008

he's getting closer

Well, here's the update on Don (read previous post for an explanation of the situation) ...

After many phone calls, it became apparent that the easiest (not all that easy) and fastest (wish it was faster) way of getting out of Canada and into the United States was driving to the border, over the border, and into the US.

His company made him a new company ID badge and both the Winnipeg and Denver office wrote up letters explaining who he was and why he didn't have any identification. They called ahead to the border and explained the situation. They gave him some money and a cell phone charger. They even hired a limo to drive him through the border and onto Grand Forks, North Dakota, where they had a paid hotel room reserved for him.

They also called Northwestern Airlines and booked a flight for him to fly a one stop trip home. It's not a given that he'll be able to get on the plane. That has been the biggest roadblock; airlines demand identification to board their planes. I can't blame them. We'll have to wait until tomorrow morning (which is today by the time you read this) to find out if he'll be able to get on.

If he doesn't, there's a plan B - but it's not a sure thing either. His company is trying to secure a rental car for him to drive himself home. But I question this, too. I would think a rental car would demand a driver's license for someone to be able to drive one of their cars. But, we'll see what happens.

So if neither of those two work, then plan C would be that I drive or fly up there, pick him up, and drive home. I would rather fly one way, rent the car myself, and then drive the 1,000 miles home as opposed to driving up and back. I hate driving long distances. I can only drive five hours max before I have to take a long break (like a nap!).

It looks like the thief made a $1000 purchase at WalMart with Don's company credit card. They couldn't cancel it right away because his hotel and rental car was still on it. They were in the process of getting that cleared up when they were notified of the transaction. I hope they catch this guy.

Thank you to all of you for your prayers and encouraging comments. Besides family, you were my support system. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Even though this situation has been a headache and there may be longer repercussions, it's a blessing that it wasn't any worse and that Don is at least here in the states now.

Blessing #18 in a month's worth of blessings.


MightyMom said...

aaaahhhh, it's good that they used the company credit card...that's their hassel and not yours :-)

yipeeee, he's in the country at least! That's a biggie.

Again with the airplane, he has the photo id from the company and the explanation of what all happened...worst case get a ROAD TRIP .... OK, I love me a road trip so I could get excited over that! :-)

can you find someone to go with you for the ride and share the drive?

By the way, i'm just loving your Mark Twain quote of the day and might just have to post it over at my place!

Barb said...

I'm glad you have all of your blogging friends for support, encouragement, prayer and humor.

I'm ready to hear that Don is on an airplane!

Penless Thoughts said...

I know you will be so happy to have him home!! Sounds like the company really came to bat for him and very quickly. Praise God.

Momma Roar said...

Oh my Diana. His company does sound like they are wonderful and I too hope they catch the person.

Thinking of you and wishing I could do something. Would you like me and the 3 kids to come out and be driving companions? (just kidding and trying to make you laugh!!)

Just Mom said...


Your hubby made it across the border.

That company of his is absolutely wonderful to care so much about his safe return.

Still thinking of you.

Ken said...

Good to hear, We want pictures of his safe return!

Short Stop said...

Still praying he's back with you VERY soon! And, with little trouble getting there!

Stephanie D. said...

MightyMom sent me over here--wow, what an experience! Reminds me of that movie "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles." Sure hope he gets a lot closer today. What a terrific company he works for!

Linda said...

Mighty Mom sent me over after telling us all about your husband's predicament. I sure hope he's able to come home soon!

Sending good thoughts your way!

Lori said...

I'm glad he is that he is out of Canada and getting closer to home.
I hope that it works out for him to fly home and that he gets home to your soon.

I too hope they catch the thief. Wow! They made a big purchase/purchases.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Wow! If it weren't such a headache it would be a grand adventure. I'm sure it's not feeling that way to either of you, though. I hope they catch the guy too.