Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my day off

My blessing today was TODAY! I work both Tuesday and Thursday each week, so I've come to look at my Wednesdays as my day - my day to sit back and not do much... all day long. I am thankful that I don't have to work every day yet have a small job that gives me something to do and brings in a little money.

Today I spent most of my time reading. For part of the day, it was my current book, The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve. The weather was cloudy and cold and it felt good to curl up with a mug of coffee and a good book.

I also spent some time reading blogs. Foolishly, I thought once November 4th came and went, we would be done with the emotional opinions and smears about candidates, parties, and politics. But I read a lot of rants today, and that's okay (with me anyways). Blogs are a good and appropriate place for that. I think it will take a little bit of time to move on to other subjects. It will take some time to process what has happened and how to move forward from here. I also read a lot of posts where bloggers wanted to do just that - move forward.

I would just like to say that I was touched by both McCain's and Obama's speeches at the end of the night. John McCain was gracious and inspiring in his loss and Barack Obama was humble and inspiring in his victory. It was obvious that they both love this country and they are both honorable men, which I never felt otherwise.

The other thing that touched me was not only the fact that history was made with the election of our country's first African-American President, but how it has affected the spirit and moral of the African-American population. It has given them hope and pride. I don't think most (if any) of us white folk can imagine what this means to them. I don't think this election was a race issue, but to see the reaction of the black community has been touching. I think Obama will be an inspiring figure to many.

Blessing #5 in a month's worth of blessings.


MightyMom said...

forward is always a good direction!

geeeeeee I'm so terribly jealous of your blessing today! you say with a cup of coffee and read a book?? wow.

I can't even get around to sewing these days...seems like when I'm off I sleep. but the end is near!

Hubby told me to take a month off from working extra shifts! :-) what a BLESSING that will be!

Christine said...

American people are resilient. Now that the election is over they will move forward and for the most part set aside their differences and do that together.

Coffee and a book...sounds absolutely lovely my dear.

Penless Thoughts said...

It is definately time for us to move on to making our individual lives, and those immediately around us, better.

Karen said...

There was good cause for celebration on Tuesday night. After months of hot debating and disagreeing, I think we could all be proud of being part of making history, that America is the land of opportunity.

Your day off sounds perfect;)

Amber said...

Ahhhh, as always you are so diplomatic and inspirational. You sure YOU don't want to run for office? :-)

Ken said...

I agree I never thought it was about race (thank god) but I hope he can do half of what he promised, we need some freah ideas, and I think that is what got him elected

heather said...


Thanks so much for the lovely things you said on my blog. I think that to diminish my story is to diminish God's glory, so I tell it when I can, no matter how painful. I appreciate you taking the take to step out and comment, it made me smile with those little "Spirit tingles". :D

Karen said...

It is sad to see that the smearing hasn't stopped. While the differences won't go away, I admire McCain supporters who are responding maturely and working harder to fight for conservative values. I also admire President Bush who is so graciously receiving and extending his hand to the leader of a party who despises him.

Pilot's Wife is a good book--I really liked it. I'm on Yada Yada Prayer Group now, a book given to me last year!

SharonB said...

A day off and a good book...nothing better.