Thursday, November 27, 2008

overflow of blessings

I've been remiss in my daily blessings but knew I would have time to catch up. And what more perfect of a day to do that than Thanksgiving.

Blessing #24... A couple more weeks of my job under my belt and I'm finding it a blessing to be around kids again. I'm getting to know them on a personal level and am hoping that my presence has a positive effect on them.

Blessing #25... In these hard economic times, it's a blessing to have our family provided for through Don's job and hard work. There are so many families who are hurting to the point that they may not have the money or resources to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. I did not forget this as I ate the food upon my table.

Blessing #26... I caught a cold some time toward the end of last weekend. I felt pretty crummy for a couple of days, but woke up Wednesday morning feeling as if the worse had passed. I am thankful that I didn't feel sick while preparing for the Thanksgiving festivities. (I'm still not 100% but was able to get everything done and enjoy the day.)

Blessing #27... Sitting down to a table full of yummy food with close friends. Even though these friends are close, we don't see them too often, so it was extra special spending the day with them.

Blessings #24-#27 in a month's worth of blessings.


Penless Thoughts said...

Wonderful blessings and one's we take so forgranted some times!!!

Barb said...

The last several days have been rather hectic and some days I didn't read your blog first thing in the morning like I usually do. Oh, no!

So this morning, while everyone else is still sleeping, I spent some time with Sunshine on my Shoulders.

That was great advice you gave the young mother. You would be a great role model for any new mom and I can see you doing some mentoring in that area.

Life is full of blessings! It was fun reading yours. I am so, so grateful for the way God has blessed me and my wonderful family.