Thursday, August 23, 2007

some thoughts on blogging

I've been doing a lot of thinking about blogging. The more blogs I read, the more I reflect on the whole phenomenon of blogging. Here are just some of my thoughts.

Ginger, of Just A Thought, posted some statistics the other day that were pretty amazing. She shared that in the year 2005, the total daily posting was roughly 500,000. One year later, it was nearly 1.2 million. At that rate, it should be somewhere around 2.5 million this year. That's a lot of people blogging.

And just as God made each and every one of us unique, it should go without saying that each and every blog out there is unique. I think that is why I read so many. They are all so different - as different as we all are from each other. I think we learn more about the people of this world by reading about their individual worlds.

I came across something interesting this week. It's called blog for a year and I encourage you to check it out because, who knows, it may be something you're interested in. In a nutshell, it's a site that is trying to raise money so they can then award a portion of it to whoever is the top blogger, by means of votes. The winner gets $80,000 (or half of whatever is raised by January 1, 2008) to blog for an entire year.

I'll be honest, I thought about tossing my name into the hat as I perused the site. I decided not to for several reasons. The biggest one being that I didn't want the pressure of having to post everyday and having those posts good enough that people would want to read.

That makes me wonder what all it takes for people to find your blog and then continue reading it. I think I have a good handle on what it all takes, but just wanted to mention it because I'm always thinking about it. Like when I visit someone's blog, I look around, read a few posts, and wonder, "what makes this blog so popular?" Sometimes I can figure it out, sometimes I can't.

I didn't give my post of the week for last week. so here it is: a mom's prayer for the first day of school.

I was honored to be a guest blogger this past week. I wrote a post for Multi-Tasking Moms about something that is close to my heart.... families. If you haven't read it already, hop on over there.

Have you noticed anything about this post? Different from any of my previous posts? Look around before you read the next paragraph.

Did you spot it? I used capitalization! I haven't used it before because that was the way I was used to typing. See, I type to a lot of teens online - sometimes 3-6 at a time. It just got easier and faster to type without having to capitalize. But I've come to the conclusion that blog posts are easier to read when the proper words are capitalized. Harder to type, but I'll get used to it.

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inspired said...


thank you for the linking us up 2 Just a thought and a mom's pray ;o]

Lori said...

Those are some interesting thoughts on blogging.

Thanks for sharing(linking to) that mom's prayer for the first day of school.

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoyable read. Yes, the blogs I read seem to fall into different categories and appeal to me for different reasons. My very favorite are those that make me really think but I also enjoy all the others.

barb said...

i've been gone for a couple of days. Kelsey is getting big!

i enjoyed your thoughts on blogging I don't even know how to find a blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at all the different types of blogs and all the variety of styles. We have quiet a great group of friends that we are connected with. How we all got together is only a work of God.

I am thankful for the inspiration and wisdom you inpart to me, along with the kindred spirit we share as moms of growing children. Thanks so much Diana!

Momma Roar said...

I always enjoy reading your thoughts! I enjoy so many different blogs and bloggers. Just to be taken to their little corner of the world and learn about them is fascinating!

We were happy to have you over at MTM!! Thanks for sharing with us!