Tuesday, August 7, 2007

it's a meme

as i mentioned in my last post, there were three questions we were given at the women's retreat that i attended last weekend. so i'm going to post them as a meme. i would love to hear your answers. pick one, two, or all three. post it on your own blog as a meme and invite others to play along.

1. what was your most memorable trip and why?
2. what is your favorite room in your home?
3. if you could go into the future, what part of the future would you go?

my most memorable trip had to be a camping trip i made with don and his family... when i was 15. it was memorable for several reasons.
1) i had never really been camping before, so the whole camping experience was new to me. not only did i adapt well, but i fell in love with it all. living in the mountains for a week and all that came along with that. there are too many little adventures and experiences to name here, but i had a blast. don and i have been "campers" ever since and where we went that week is one of our favorite places.
2) it was a wonderful way to get to know don and his family better. don and i had only been dating a month or so when they invited me. it meant a lot to me that they thought enough about me to ask me along. they are a wonderful family and i became their second daughter that week, and have been treated as such ever since.
3) don and i fell in love with each other on that trip and we declared it to each other at a special place and a special time. i can still remember how we did it and how i felt. obviously, it was a life changing trip.

my favorite room in my house is actually my living room, even though i don't use it much. most of the time, the family room which connects to the kitchen is the room most used. but i enjoy the time i do spend in the living room. it's just so comfortable; from the way the room is decorated to how comfy the couches are. most of the time spent in this room is when i'm reading, but we also use it when company comes over or when we hold church meetings.

if i could go into any part of the future, i would go ahead several decades. i would like to not only see who my kids marry, but i would want to see who their children marry and what their children are like. this probably isn't answering the question properly, but i'd like to be able to witness that whole timeline.

so now it's your turn. let me know if you've posted your answers to any or all of these questions so i can come on over and read them.

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jennifer said...

I really like your answers. #1 I could already guess from the retreat answers, and how you are. Adaptable and strong.

But I agree with #3...I would love to do this also! To cherish ones that my own cherish would be a true blessing!

Anonymous said...

#1 The best trip I ever took was in 2000 when we went to Aruba. My parents took us and my siblings. It was wonderful. I didn't think I could leave my kids, but once we left I think I forgot I had kids! I turned 40 while we were gone and what a place to celebrate. I hope someday to be able to take our kids on a trip like that.

Ruth said...

Your favorite trip sounds so special!! Talk about great results...a love for camping AND a love for your hubby. =o)

Penless Thoughts said...

#2 - My favorite room in my house is the living room. That is truly where all the living goes on in our home. It is where my husband and I have our Bible and prayer time each morning, and where we entertain guests (after usually leaving the dining table.

Kelli said...

Those are great questions and I enjoyed reading your answers! I went camping with my family when I was very young and I still remember it!

Momma Roar said...

Great questions!

Most memorable trip - 5 year anniversary trip to Bermuda - we took a very simple honeymoon trip b/c I had to come back to finish college classes - so we went big for our 5th.

Whenever I need to relax - I close my eyes and picture being on the scooter behind T, my arms wrapped around him and feeling the warm sun and looking at the beautiful water....mmmmm...I wanna go back....

I don't think I'd want to go forward into the future - not sure about it...

Momma Roar said...

I wanted to let you know I posted the code for a button for the prayer blog. Its posted at my main blog and the prayer blog! Thanks!

I first thought your link of the day was to that lovely science test - which I saw you decided not to do!! Did I impress ya with my results? ;)

Lynne said...

#2Right now my favorite "room" is my front porch, but the rest of the year I wold have to say the living room. It has comfy furniture, perfect for reading, watching tv, or listening to music.

barb said...

my favorite trip was to Scotland with my soulmate, Marsha. One reason it was so much fun was that for 2 weeks of the 3 week trip we had no set agenda. we just went where we wanted to when we wanted to. the trip was full of delightful surprises.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Loved reading these and getting "to know" you better. I love the first answer - how sweet. 'Course it scares me...could my daughter really meet the love of her life in only 11 years???

I grew up camping and my favorite memories are of camping trips!