Saturday, August 11, 2007

reflecting on my week

here are some of my thoughts as i wrap up the week...

jake had his senior pictures taken tuesday. for months, i only viewed this as something on the "to do" list. as i followed around and helped the photographer, watching jake pose and crack his million dollar smile, i realized this was the last time i had to go through this process and that it signifies the beginning of a new stage - jake's senior year. i need to remember to enjoy each and every day for this next year, because then he's gone.

danielle and i experienced the titanic exhibit and imax movie at our local museum. she has always been interested in the titanic and the exhibit was great, really giving you an idea of what it was like to be a passenger on this famous ship. i've been reflecting on something that was said in the movie.

it went something like this; once you know a little bit about the titanic, you measure your life against it. how would you have handled the fact that the ship was going down? would you have been panicked and manic? or would you have been cool, calm and collected? would you have done anything to get into a life boat? or would you have accepted your fate? would you have helped those around you? or would it have been all about you and saving yourself?


61%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?
i took this little test this week and the results show that i'm 61% addicted to blogging. i'm not sure about that. i know it's just a 'canned' survey, but i figured i was more addicted than that.

i'm going to start doing a POST OF THE WEEK. this will be a post that i've read sometime during the week and really think it should be read by everyone. so this week, it's reflections on life and parenting by

i feel bad that some of the people i tagged yesterday had already been tagged. and since i enjoyed making those names so much, i wanted to make some more. so i'm tagging three more people.

pam of pinnacles, pitfalls, and pottychairs. i am blessed by you and your blog.

diane of a watered garden. i am blessed by you and your blog.

sarah of shortstop. i am blessed by you and your blog. **sarah is pregnant and is presently in the hospital. please keep her in your prayers.**

and one for my daughter and her blog, living life, loving life.

and we'll be wrapping up our week by listening to jake's band, good clean dirty fun,. they are playing a gig at starbucks tonight. should be fun.

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Short Stop said...

Hi, Diana!

I LOVE my name here! How fun! Thank you! I love reading your blog, and your creative and energetic spirit. It is a blessing to me, too!

Thank you for your comments and concern for me as well. I'll write an update on me tomorrow...I've just been kind of tired today!! Thanks, again!! :)

Amber said...

I love how you did these! Thanks for letting us know about Sarah!

God Bless,

barb said...

those are great questions from the titanic. would you do my name too???? thanks

i'm anxious to see Jake's million dollar smile senior pictures. gracious, he grew up fast.

Ruth said...

I took the quiz and am 60% addicted to blogging. I think that's about right. =o) I can't wait to see Jakes pictures. As far as the titanic question, I suppose the RIGHT answer would be that I'd be composed...but I don't think that's how I would actually be.

Eileen said...

Those names are so cool.

Kelli said...

I'm too scared to take the test..hehehee.


Momma Roar said...

I enjoyed reading your reflections!

The post of the week really made me think and the glass giant site was just way too much fun - that was not a good one to put on - do those kind when you know I'm on vacation!!!! :D

Ruth said...

Hi Diana! I did my name meme today. Come see when you get a chance!

jennifer said...

The milestones will pass to another level, but oh I am with you. We just moved our oldest out, and off to business school, work and his own the milestones are clicking away for us all!!