Wednesday, August 8, 2007


this is my daughter's cat, snickers. he doesn't get much attention around here since the boys in the house claim they don't like cats. every once in a while, dani and i dress him up or put fun stuff on him and then send the pictures into stuff on my cat dot com (link).

when we sent this photo in, there were a lot of people who commented that he looked like the girl on the famous national geographic cover with the mesmerizing eyes. that, or a jedi warrior. what do you think?

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Penless Thoughts said...

I don't know about the cover, but I think he's cute. I am a cat lover.

Ruth said...

LOL!! I can see both options easily. I love cats!!

jennifer said...

I do agree, Snickers looks like the woman from Afghanistan on the cover of National Geographic!

BTW what a sweet kitty, I love when they let us dress them up!!!

Anonymous said...

Great picture. My girls saw it and did the "oh, how sweet" "hey, it looks like it is holding it's towel" and the like... I had to scroll away, just to blogging!!!

Re: college after homeschooling... Our oldest was all prepared to start college, in fact was already moved into the dorm, when she called and asked if we would be supportive of her not attending. We asked why and she said, she finally realized she was going for the wrong reasons - social rather than academic. We had known that for a long time and had had our concerns but knew she would have to take ownership of that so we kept praying. Needless to say, we were supportive. She is now married and doing great.

She was ready (other than her math skills) for college. She did well on her ACT, many colleges love having homeschoolers enroll. We know she would have done well if she had stayed, or at least she could have academically done well if she had not decided to party.

Randi - from "I have to say" blog - her oldest started community college while in high school. This worked very well for her. She was heading for Vet school and this allowed her to complete her gen ed by the time she graduated high school. I'm not sure Dani is still going to be a vet or if she is now a biology major but she is doing great.

We have many friends who already have kids in or through college and homeschooling has been a plus rather than a hinderance for college prep. I'm sure there are many who have struggles, but that will be the same with kids coming out of any educational option. Some do well, some do fine and some struggle. With home education, you can catch the struggles, adapt to meet learning styles and teach your kids to teach themselves over time so when they get to college, they do know how to do research...

I'm not sure what route my boys will go. One was ready to start college courses (distance learning) next month, but is now questioning if he has chosen the right field. We are attending and entrepreneur business conference with the boys in a couple of weeks and he will wait to make a final decision until he has been able to talk to the presenters and others at the conference to compare interests to fields... My other boy has no desire to attend college. He is a very right brained, hands on guy. He would rather seek training... that allows him to apprentice or such.

We are open to whatever route allows them to learn what they need to do what they love. College is just one avenue out there.

Anyway, if you have any specific questions, I'd be glad to help in any way I can. Nice to know options before you need them.

Anonymous said...

Oops that should read: keep blogging.

Ambre said...

OMGosh! You didn't need words for this one!! Simply adorable. A great moment you captured!


TorAa said...

I love cats. Yours looks so intelligent and very beautiful.

Scroll down on my blog to Cats on Tuesday, to discover one our ours in the air...

barb said...

i, too, vote for national geographic. snickers is a sweetie and very photogenic.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Too danged funny. I DO think that cat looks like the girl on the National Geographic cover. I knew immediately what you were referring to. Actually, I think its that the girl has cat eyes. But anyway, really cool.

I had problems for some reason getting to your page. Finally got here to comment!

Lynne said...

Snickers does look like that National Geographic cover. I'm a major cat lover and I love to see cats dressed up-i'm going to check out that site.
Had trouble accessing your blog also the other day-just kept seeing a blank template.