Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the contrast is too much

Yesterday, I visited the Parade of Homes. I don't know if this is something that every big city has, so let me explain it to you. Every year, a group of new construction homes are picked to be showcased. These homes are designed and decorated beautifully and open to the hordes of lookie-loos for their viewing pleasure.

I decided to go this year because it's practically down the street from me. We have a reservoir near us where we used to take the kids when they were younger. These showcase houses were built on the far side of the reservoir, overlooking, of course, the lake. So I thought it would be fun to walk through these grand mansions.

Because that's practically what they are - mansions. They are beautiful, but as I was walking through, I kept asking myself, "would I want to live here?" or "what kind of family would live here?" and definitely thinking, "I wouldn't want to clean this place!" For my taste, they were just too big. Too over the top. Here are some pictures I took.

Then today, the two year anniversary of hurricane Katrina was all over the news. A lot of reports of how there are still so many people who haven't been able to return or rebuild their homes. The conditions down there are just so sad. If I had money, I would be giving it to these people who have found themselves caught in a situation that makes them feel so hopeless.

That made me think of these houses I saw yesterday. Here are these extravagant homes that cost at least 1.5 million to buy, and even more to furnish and maintain. And, of course, there are million dollar homes all throughout the country. There are people all over the place looking to buy a million dollar home when there are people in the south who are living in a FEMA trailer.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the wealth could be distributed more evenly. Wouldn't it be something for the rich people to settle for less so that the less fortunate could have a little more. I know I'm not saying anything new or anything that most people wouldn't agree with. It's just the contrasts were so strong. I just can't get it off my mind. And when I can't get something off my mind, I usually end up blogging about it.

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Short Stop said...

We have Parade of Homes here, too. It's amazing to see/read about these houses (I've never been inside, but we've driven by some of them!)

It's so hard...the disbursement of wealth in our country...and all over the world, really. When one sits and really thinks about it, it's almost impossible to not come away thinking that we should be doing with less, and giving more.

jennifer said...

I love the flowers out front of the homes.

As to the large amount of people in the US who seemingly have so much money, I am at a loss.The complete and total flash power is hard for me to comprehend. I am so thankful that we do not live a lifestyle that requires that kind of external upkeep.

As to the Katrina victims, I often wonder. There are those who lost everything that have worked to the bone, and so I know that in 24 months one could do more. But the emotional shock of God's Power can cripple if you don't understand Him.

I remember driving to Florida the following year after Katrina, and seeing the thousands of single wide trailers that the government bought and were not in use..I just don't have a direction to go with this except to the Lord.

Thanks for getting me thinking and forgive the novel in the comments,

barbara said...

I wouldn't want to clean those houses either!

Well said about Katrina and the distribution of wealth among the nations.

Lee and I talk about this quite frequently. At Christmas we always try to give to a worthwhile organization, like the Heifer project. But still..........

Sandy said...

I am visiting from Jen's Blog....I have never heard of the Parade of Homes but it sounds interesting. The home is beautiful but your right, I would never want to clean it either. I often wonder where in the heck to people get the money to build these homes and also to keep maintaining them. The banks only give you so much money! But money goes to money like they say. It would be nice if wealth were distributed more evenly. More evenly my way LOL kidding (sort of) But to me, there is no need on this earth to pay a baseball player 5 million dollars! Pay him half and give the half to people who need it!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Thos are unbelieveable. I love to walk through models and homes like that, but it does get you thinking. I often wonder, even if I had the money, would I buy one of these? I don't think I would. I would love to have a large home to be able to have all my family over comfortably and neighbors, but you can go over the top.

Momma Roar said...

We have the parade of homes here too - but most aren't that expensive, one or two might be over a million but most are in the $175 to $500 thousand range.

Those pictures looked like magazine shots - what gorgeous homes and I wouldn't want to clean it either!

I often wonder if those living in those homes even think about people like those affected by Katrina?

Lori said...

Wow! That home was amazing.
I wouldn't want to clean that size of a home either.
We have parade of homes here too.
I've never gone either...but I should sometime.