Sunday, October 19, 2008

sunday evening thoughts

A few have asked how my first day(s) at work went and I wanted to be able to write about my new job, but haven't wanted to think about it - thus, I haven't. But here I am on a Sunday night thinking about my week ahead and know I have to face reality... I have a job.... and a job I'm not enjoying.

I know there's always an adjustment period when you start something new. And I also realize that I've been out of the work force for quite some time. So I'm thinking that part of my feelings come from these two points and I can accept that, thinking that after a certain amount of time, I will be adjusted and use to the job.

But there are a few other aspects that have me questioning whether I can, or want to, continue. One is the scheduling. I won't bore you with all the details but will just say that they've made a nearly impossible schedule with me having to be in a classroom of a second school before the end of the previous class at a different school. That, and they want me to work five hours straight without any kind of break, not even time to eat something. The only time I have time to eat is the 10 minutes it takes me to get from the first school to the second. I physically cannot go five hours (during lunchtime) without eating.

The other things have to do with the logistics of the tutor groups that I'm facilitating and the classroom environments. Again, I won't go into all the details. It doesn't really matter to anyone but me. And I don't want this to sound like all I'm doing is complaining. I'm usually a pretty positive person. I decided to write this out as a record of what was happening in my life and with this job. After all, that's one reason why I blog.

On another note, I saw the movie The Secret Life of Bees last Friday and loved it. The book, by the same name, by Sue Monk Kidd is one of my all time favorite books. I was anxious to see this movie but also a little worried that it wouldn't measure up to the book - movies rarely do. But it was well done and was identical to the book. Here's another movie that I would recommend, but I recommend the book even more.


MightyMom said...

oh dear. that's bad.

talk to your supervisor...and if you don't get some adjustments made...quit.

There are other jobs out there for you and no one should have to work a) without breaks or b) with insane logistical setups....

(coming from a nurse who can't pee till after she's been on her feet at least 6 hours...hahaha--but that's not able to be controlled most nights)

snort...well, the pee is able to be controlled..but not the inablilty to go to the bathroom....but then there's always Depends!!

kidding...just kidding....I should really get some sleep!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Sometimes we get a prayer answered that turns out to be better if it had not. This may be the case with the job. I'm sorry it's not the experience you'd hoped for.

I'll have to get that movie for Mickey.....Bees!!! Do you know if it's out on dvd? You know I never pay any attention to movies or dvd's but I've been hearing about this one and I remember you are one who recommended The Shack so I trust you.

Shara said...

Will be praying about your job situation that every detail will be worked out!

I'm glad to hear the movie was good. I just read the book and loved it and was really looking forward to seeing the movie. Since my book as the actors on the front of it, I had it in my head that Queen Latifah was going to play Rosaleen, but I realize now it's August. That got me all confused. =)

Karen said...

I saw the Secret Life of Bees on Friday, and loved it. It was so well done. I read the book about two years ago and my memory is so bad, I couldn't recall if the movie followed it or not. Thanks for telling me it does:)

I had a similar experience with my job a couple weeks ago. I sat down and wrote out how I wanted things to work, pros and cons, and presented it to the people I work for. (I'm self employed, so perhaps it was easier to do). I had decided that if I was going to continue doing the job for them, things would have to change. They agreed to the changes and my life is running more smoothly now. I feel so much better.

Heidi Jo said...

sorry to hear that your job is not going well.

i think i'll pick up this book. i love to read the book first, to get my own ideas of setting and characters.

Carolyn said...

I, too, am sorry to hear the job did not turn out the way you had hoped. That sounds like some expectations that are not acceptable. I hope you are in a position where you can weigh the pros and cons, and can come to the decision that is right for YOU. That is all that matters.

Praying that it all works out for you.

Just Mom said...

"...they want me to work five hours straight without any kind of break, not even time to eat something."

Is that legal?

Mam said...

I hope you can get it all worked out to your satisfaction and God's will. I don't see why He would want you to be harried. I see you looked at the dolphins. I would hav guessed you'd like that. My husband says it is just air-rings and that sometimes they even capture a bubble of air with their tails and bring it below the water.

Barb said...

like the quote!

I don't blame you for not liking those hours! At least you tried the job that you thought you mighty like. Now you know.

Super glad to hear Bees was really good. Will see it this week if at all possible.

Jamey said...

That stinks about the job! Unreal expectations can be the hardest thing to deal with. Especially if they won't work with you on fixing it. Hopefully you can work something out or move on!

I will have to look into that book. I love to read and I need a book right now!

Momma Roar said...

Are you comfortable enough with your supervisor to talk about it? It does seem like they are asking a lot of you. I will pray for God's wisdom and clarity in this matter for you!! :D

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I know there is an adjustment period, but not eating lunch? I don't think they're allowed to do that. Check on the state laws, but most say that for 4 hrs worked, you get a 15 minute break.

I hope this week is going better for you.

I am looking forward to seeing The Secret Life of Bees. I loved the book, mainly because it is set in South Carolina.


Lori said...

I haven't seen that movie yet, but want to see it.

I have read the book though and liked it.

Sorry to hear about your job.
Boy do I know about disappointing jobs.

Lori said...

I was also going to say....
seems like they are making some unfair requests of you. I hope things get better for you.

I also know about not getting a lunch hour or break.
At my past job...there were 2 days a week when we didn't get lunch either...other than possibly throwing down some food in between patients.
Which could be as late as 2:00 or then you are way past hungry.