Thursday, October 9, 2008

headphones on

I've made a discovery that I'm just lovin'. Maybe you've heard of it. It's called a podcast. If you don't know what a podcast is, Wikipedia defines it as:

A podcast is a series of audio or video digital-media files which is distributed over the Internet by syndicated download, through Web feeds, to portable media players and personal computers. Though the same content may also be made available by direct download or streaming, a podcast is distinguished from other digital-media formats by its ability to be syndicated, subscribed to, and downloaded automatically when new content is added.

Don used to listen to several, all having to do with youth ministry. So when he gave me a new little Ipod shuffle and I wanted to get back into walking, I sat down at my computer and started my research on what other podcasts were out there. There are a lot.

I've been taking hour long walks during the past few weeks and that hour flies by because I've got my headphones on and am listening to some amazing stuff. I actually look forward to taking a walk and I have the podcasts I listen to to thank for that.

What if you don't have an Ipod, you ask? [I heard someone ask that] You can actually listen to podcasts directly through your computer. If a person or organization creates a podcast, they almost always put it on Itunes. You can download Itunes onto your computer even if you don't have an Ipod or plan to purchase anything. Itunes and all podcasts are free. Once you have Itunes downloaded to your computer, which is a fast and easy process, you can pick your podcast through the Itunes store (it's located in the store, but it is free) and listen to it right there on your computer.

Of course, if you have an Ipod or MP3 player, you can then download the podcast to it and enjoy listening away from your computer - like taking long walks. And there are so many podcasts to choose from. There's something out there for everybody. Tomorrow I will share my two favorites and why I love them so much.


MightyMom said...

OK, I read that TWICE and still don't get it. what's a podcast again? and how is it different from just downloading songs??

I have an's still in its original package...on a I have no idea what I'm gonna use it was given to my son almost 2 years ago...Subvet's reaction..."What is THAT??" I explained.."It's a CHOKING HAZARD!" so we put it on a shelf thinking he or I would use it...and it hasn't moved since. If I can ever figure out WHEN to walk and start actually walking I guess I might could use it then....but WHEN is my biggest problem...Subvet frowns on the idea of me walking around the neighborhood at 3am. :-(

diana said...

thanks mightymom... i should have said somewhere that a podcast is not music, unless it's a show or episode on music.

a podcast is more like a radio show or episode of a tv show. your pastor's sunday sermon might be uploaded to the internet and that would be called a podcast.

check in tomorrow for my favorites and it might give you a better idea of what i'm talking about.

maybe i can get you to take that ipod out of it's wrapper =)

Momma Roar said...

Isn't it amazing how much faster time passes with music or something to listen to?!

I'm still walking an hour in the mornings, but I haven't left my music yet.

I have a couple podcasts saved from a local church that has a great worship band. A friend attends there and has told me a couple that I should listen to. I think you have finally been what I needed to make "the switch!" LOL!!

I really do look forward to hearing what your favorite ones are!

Oh, about the milkshakes - just vanilla and chocolate - althouh I have never, ever tasted the vanilla! :-D

Just Mom said...

Oh yeah, podcasts are the best.