Saturday, October 4, 2008


Last night Don and I watched a video a friend gave us. It was Sicko by Michael Moore. I had heard about this movie but was not prepared for what I saw.

I had heard of Michael Moore and knew he made controversial movies. To be honest, I didn't think I wanted to see this movie because of Mr. Moore's reputation. But I'm glad I did.

This movie is a documentary on our health care system here in the United States. I think it was well done and I didn't find any part of it boring. On the contrary, I found it all very interesting.... and sad.... and sickening.... and unbelievable... and maddening... and amazing... and definitely worth watching.

And that is why I highly recommend it. Not only does it shed light on our health care system and the insurance industry, but it gives us a glimpse into how other countries run their equivalents. Very enlightening, and I wish every citizen of the good 'ole US of A would watch it. We need change but first we need to know exactly what is happening and how it is affecting all of us.

Let me know if you've seen this movie, or after you see it. I'd love to hear your impressions.


Julie Pierce ( said...

Diana, I glad you took the time to watch "SiCKO". I was in the movie, I have created a BLOG as the movie only showed part of my husbands story. Sincerely, Julie Pierce

MightyMom said...

actually, it's thought provoking...but incredibly agenda based. It is no where near an accurate view of either this country's health care system or of those of the countries he visited.

There are many in America that are "underinsured" ...... but socialist medicine isn't a good solution by any means.....

There is a reason why scores of Canadians come to America for health care each year...and pay out of pocket for it.

The best thing this movie DOES do is open the conversation. Which is a good thing.

MightyMom said...

oh and I saw a commercial last night at work that said the AMA has a proposal to "fixing America's healthcare" at it's website...haven't had the time to check that out but it should prove interesting.

Short Stop said...

Interesting. I'm not a Michael Moore fan at all...but, your comments have intriugued me.

Heidi Jo said...

and the information therein is accurate and unbiased....? based on who's representation--mr. moore himself?

i think i'll stick with something more along the lines of "an american carol". more my style. :0)

diana said...

all i can say is that you should watch this movie for yourself and decide for yourself.

for me, i know mr. moore had his agenda for the movie; to put a flood light on the current affairs of our insurance industry. i don't think the people that are involved made anything up, so from that standpoint, i think it is accurate. i don't think it was just his opinion. i think he did a good job of going out in search of some answers.

i know mr. moore may have not shown the other side of the coin, but the side he did show is so corrupt and broken that i thought it was worth recommending, wishing others might have their eyes opened - if even just a little bit.

Barb said...

I have not seen the entire movie, but have seen excerpts from it in a documementary, which supports the movie while examining the insurance crises in America.

Michael Moore can come across pretty strong, but has a powerful message. I, too, think people should see it.

Jamey said...

I'm AFRAID to watch it!! But now I might! I'm sure it will make me mad. Thanks for the post!