Tuesday, October 14, 2008

no hoodie today

I sit here on a Tuesday morning with a bit of anxiety and mourning. In about two hours, I will officially be a working gal as I walk into the school where I'll be spending my Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

I'm mourning my freedom - my lazy and carefree days. I know that must sound self indulgent, but that's been my life since I last had a job, which was part time about four years ago.

I'm anxious about working in the educational system. I won't be a teacher but for a couple times a week, I'll be responsible for a group of students and a small aspect of their learning. I feel like my brain is mush and I'm going to look like a dummy - an old dummy =)

So, as I sit here, I want to come up with 10 things to be thankful for as I start working. Let's see if I can come up with 10. If I don't come up with 10, feel free to add your own.

1. It will give me something to do - something to fill my time.

2. I am only working two days a week, which will still give me three days to fill with any errands I might have, or getting together with friends, or sipping coffee while reading blogs.

3. I will bring home a little money and that's always good. If I want to buy something, I can use my own money and not feel guilty for wanting it, or buying it. Some of my money will also go towards our kid's college tuition, which makes me feel good.

4. I get to work with students. I miss hanging out with the kids.

5. I will be forced to use my brain so maybe the mush will start to solidify a little. Okay, maybe my brain isn't mush, but having to use my brain again will be a good thing. I'm looking forward to learning.

6. I have a good reason to put on some nice clothes instead of just a pair of jeans and a hoodie. I like clothes so I'm looking forward to dressing up a bit.

7. I'm looking forward to becoming a part of the educational system. I have seen problems as my own kids went through the system and I worked with students and their families. I'm one that feels like you need to be part of the solution, not the problem. This will give me a chance to see up close and personal some of what happens in a school on a daily basis.


8. I will have the opportunity to meet new people - adults and students. I'm a social person and enjoys getting to know people and hear their story(s).

9. I have all of the above benefits while not having to work evenings, weekends, or holidays. This allows me to still spend this time with Don and my family. I wanted to work in a bookstore (and still think that would be cool) but realized I'd have to work in retail through the holidays. That wasn't all that appealing to me.


hmmm.... ummm...... well.....

I can't really think of number 10. I know there is something obvious that I'm just not thinking of. So here's your chance to come up with something I can be thankful for as I start this new job, which is really a new phase of my life.


I thought of #10 while in the shower. (whew, aren't you glad you don't have to)

10. I was originally going to start each work day at 8:15. I was NOT looking forward to that (although, I'm sure I would have got used to it.) My hours were then changed to start at 10:00 and go a little longer in the afternoon. This is definitely something to be thankful for since I am not a morning person. I actually had time this morning to type out this post. I'm sure I will use these extra hours each Tuesday and Thursday more wisely than I have in the past.

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Karen said...

I don't think it's being self-indulgent at all to feel that your freedome is being infringed upon. As moms and wives, we are always at someone's beck and call, so when we finally get time to ourselves it's natural to feel protective of it!

You job sounds wonderful, for all the reasons you listed. How perfect, just a few hours two days a week. I always find the worst part of something new is the anticipation. I always sweat the unknown! That's just me.

I agree that dressing up a bit, having a bit of mad money, working with some new faces. Those would all be great changes for me. I work from home, on pretty much my own schedule, and I sometimes think that if I had just a bit of structure like what you're going to have it would help me plan my days better and use my time more wisely.

Good luck with everything today! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Momma Roar said...

Oh how I'd love to dress up!! LOL

The first day is always the worse and I can probably bet that you'll come home feeling much more confident (unless it turns out this isn't where you are to be).

2 teach is
+ 2 touch lives
4 Ever


Jamey said...

You listed some good reasons! I think your job sounds great and I bet you will have fun at it. You really seem to enjoy kids. Good luck on your first day!!

Penless Thoughts said...

It will be fun for us to follow you into this new journey and door that has been opened to you.

Shara said...

I totally understand your feelings about giving up some of your freedom. I had four and a half years by myself before I pulled my boys out to home school. Sometimes I really miss it, but at least they'are old enough to leave at home if I need to run an errand or two. I think your new journey will be wonderful and there will probably be lots of blessings in it you didn't even know about! Have fun!

Barb said...

All of your our reasons are good. I would add for your tenth, even though you did think of one.

My 10th for you would be that you would be a blessing to others: the kids, other teachers and parents.

I think we are always blessed to be a blessing to others!

Carolyn said...

How did your first day go? I understand your feelings completely. I work 2 part time jobs ... not because I have to, but there are emotional ties to both. My morning job is at our church as the secretary. It was a "God opened a window" moment when they hired me, and if I ever quit, then attending church there would feel really awkward for me.

In the afternoon, I work with my husband at the trucking company he dispatches for. LOTS of paperwork to do. Note: work. with. husband. See why quitting wouldn't ever be an option there either.

So both are more than places of employment. But...I sure would like some time off:)

Thanks for stopping by -- with it being a brand spanking new blog, I was so surprised to see the new comments. I have added myself as a follower here:)

jeff@sally said...

Sooo....How did it go? I know one day is a little early to tell, but you can usually get an over all feel for the job. May God's Spirit fill you with the strength, courage, love and wisdom to make a difference each day in the lives of the children you teach. :)

MightyMom said...

#11 you will have all sorts of new blog fodder

#12 you will find new and myriad things to laugh at and about every day.

#13 someone new will need you

#14 you'll see the moment the light turns on and a kiddo suddenly understands....there's nothing better in the whole world

#15 you can remember your trip through middle school and know that no one has to know about it

#16...oh...wait...how many was I supposed to come up with for you????