Monday, August 4, 2008

some observations

I've recently made two observations. One, Saturday night at the airport in Anchorage and the second one in the wee hours of the morning somewhere over crossing over from Canada into the States.

As I sat in the midst of a hundred people or so, all waiting for their airplane to take them home but excited over the time they spent in the great frontier known as Alaska, I eavesdropped on many conversations and had one myself. They all were about the adventures of the last week, but with a twist. It seemed like each person telling their story was trying to outdo the other person.

"I caught this many fish!"
"I caught this big of a fish!"
"I caught a halibut on a fly rod."
"We saw bears."
""We lived with the bears."
"We hiked up a glacier, lived in a shelter we made by hand, ate berries and the fish we caught, and fed the extra to the bears."

... well, I didn't actually hear that last one but you get my drift. Alaska is so big and there are so many different things you can do. And I can see how people come to the end of their week excited over their conquests and adventures. But it all got so old and it made me feel like I didn't do enough on my vacation.

But I didn't allow myself to feel or think that way. For me, I had an amazing and enjoyable vacation even though my week paled in comparison to some of the stories I was hearing. An airport in Alaska is probably one of a few places in the world where people feel a need to compare their vacations.

But I don't think vacations should ever be compared. They should be cherished as time spent with those you love, away from the daily routine, and where memories can be made and remembered.

The second observation; I cannot sleep on a plane. So I've made a decision; In the future, I will do everything in my power to never again travel via airplane during the early morning hours when I should be in a bed sleeping.

Due to the fact that I spent most yesterday sleeping since I didn't the night before, I am still in the middle of going through all my photos. Hope to have them done by tomorrow.


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Good observations about the tendency of people to "emblish and compare" their experiences. Your vacation is YOURS so do with it what you wish. It sounds extremelly lovely to me!!! Heck, jsut time spent doing anything with family and friends is great....the scenery is just an added bonus.

Glad you are back! I do have to say though, I CAN sleep on a plane, and anywhere else I have 10 minutes to spare!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...
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Penless Thoughts said...

You had a wonderful time and got to do the things you wanted to do. That is all that matters!! So glad you got to go, enjoy and return safely.

Barb said...

Comparing isn't good in most situations. It's human to have to say some "better" than just listen.

I've waited till you had a chance to rest up before I called.

SharonB said...

So glad you had such a wonderful time. When I came home from vacation all I could talk about was the wonderful time I had with my husband, how we grew closer, reconnected etc... that someone said "so did you like the scenery?" Of course I did! But who I was with was more important than where I was. It truly is about our relationships with family, the memories we share and the bonds that grow.

Can't wait to hear and see all about your time with your family!!

kailani said...

I can't sleep on planes either. My head keeps doing that weird bob thing.

MightyMom said...

vacations, jobs, children, desserts. we tend to "one up" each other on everything, when life would be much more exciting if we simply enjoyed the diversity of each other's experience.