Thursday, August 7, 2008

i need my wi-fi

I knew there wasn't going to be internet in the cabin (in Alaska), but I took my computer anyways. I knew I wouldn't spend much time on it, but I wanted to be able to check in once or twice. By check in, I mean my email, my blog, my Facebook (that's where teens get a hold of me), and maybe even read a couple of blogs.

I figured I'd be able to find free wi-fi at a coffee shop, and the owner of the cabin confirmed my thinking. By Monday night, I was going through withdrawals getting anxious about getting online. The whole family wanted to get out of the cabin so they agreed to go into town with me to find a coffee shop.

By the time we got into town, the two coffee shops that we could find were closed but even if they had been opened, we couldn't find a sign displayed anywhere telling the passerby that they offered wi-fi. We looked for said sign at every establishment we passed with no success.

Then I got the bright idea that I would turn on my computer and as Don drove, I would keep pushing the button asking my computer to show me any available networks. It got to be quite comical. There would be one displayed but then I'd lose it because we were in a moving car. Don would turn the car around and we'd go back to where I had a connection only to find that the connection wasn't strong enough and my computer wouldn't connect.

After three tries (driving-turning around-parking-driving again-repeat), we found a network offered by a hotel (should have thought of that in the first place). Don pulled into the parking lot and there we sat... me on my computer, and the other pushing me to hurry because they had already spent enough time in the car.

Needless to say, I hurriedly wrote out that first post, checked my other stuff, and then closed my lid. My next post I wrote out ahead of time but went to the exact same parking lot to post it. We then did find a small eatery that offered wi-fi. We ate lunch there one day and each one of us were able to check all those very important connections to our life back home.

Vacations are great, but we still need our connection to home.


Jamey said...

That is HILARIOUS...and totally something I would do!!! I love this story! And I loved hearing what you were up to in Alaska!

MightyMom said...

exactly the reason I DON'T have a laptop. some days you just need to get away.....gotta keep that addiction in check.

Dad said...

Thanks DiDi! That answers my question and adds to my admiration of your abilities. I'm learning slowly on our trips with the motor home to search out and use whatever WiFi I can find. I truly love this story too, but I feel for the rest of the family during your search!

Heidi Jo said...

you have the world's most understanding and supportive family and husband. mine would have thought i was out of my mind and most assuredly would have been disgusted with my 'need' or desire to get online:0)

Penless Thoughts said...

You have a very patient husband!!!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Yes, vacations are great. But I don't know how long I could go without plugging back in. I can totally see myself doing the same thing to "score some wifi!"

Fortunately, when we go out of town later this month, the hotel has wifi. And a pool! Guess what the little one and I will be doing while Daddy's in class!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Amazing shots of your trip! Welcome back. This story was hilarious. LOVE it. I do that with my iphone cause it doesn't have service, but I can get free wifi wherever it is :)