Tuesday, July 1, 2008

take me out to the ballgame...

Ten On Tuesday's prompt this week is 10 favorite sports to play/watch. Here are mine, but in no particular order.

1. Probably my favorite game to watch is baseball. I don't know why exactly. Most people complain that it's too slow of a game. But I enjoy the statistics and the precision of the game. It really is a game of inches. I also thoroughly enjoy watching a game live and that's because I love the atmosphere of the ball park.

2. I also love volleyball. I wasn't good enough to play on my high school's team, so I did the next best thing; became the manager for the boy's team =). Living near the beaches of southern California, I ended up playing a lot of beach volleyball with friends or picking up a game in the local park. I still enjoy playing. It's one of those sports that age doesn't affect as much as in other sports. And of course, I enjoy watching it, too. High School level is my favorite.

3. Lacrosse. I didn't even know of this sport 4 years ago. But Jake gave it a try his freshman year and I really enjoyed watching him and his team. That then transferred to watching the televised games of college teams playing. It's a fast paced game that's just fun to watch. I've seen indoor Lacrosse games but those aren't quite the same.

4. I also used to play Soccer. I was a young teenager and not all that good at it, but it gave me a healthy respect for the skill involved in playing the game. I enjoy watching the sport just for that reason.

5. Another sport I used to play was softball. I can't say that I enjoy watching the sport because you usually don't see these games being televised and I haven't had the opportunity to watch a live game recently, but I sure did enjoy playing it.

6. Hockey. Even though I have a hard time keeping up with the puck and I don't enjoy the fighting, this fast paced sport keeps my interest.

7. I've enjoyed watching football since I was a young girl. I attribute that to having my father explain the game to me. I've continued enjoying the sport, mainly because I live in Bronco territory.

8. Track and Field is actually many sports, but I'll lump them all together here. Again, part of it is the atmosphere of a meet that I enjoy so much. During Jake's meets, I enjoyed watching all the events knowing how they were scored and knowing that they all contributed to the larger score of the school's and waiting for a winner to emerge.

9. I really like watching the Olympics. For the Summer games, my favorite sport is gymnastics.

10. And for the Winter games, much to my family's distaste, I'll be sitting in front of the TV for all the ice skating events.

If you leave me a comment, tell me what your favorite sport to play or watch is.

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Lori said...

Great list.
I love to watch gymnastics and ice skating too.

I also like to watch football and baseball. As those are sports that Derek plays. And my husband coaches football.

Just Mom said...

Is blogging while keeping a five-year-old entertained considered a sport?

Humble wife said...

I love baseball...and have forever!

Melissa said...

Oh... um... sports. Yeah. I like to swim, but, uh, not competitively. Honestly? I don't have that competitive edge to me. I played a few sports as a kid, but nothing serious... I do enjoy watching the divers in the Olympic games!

Mam said...

Baseball is my favorite to watch, and I used to love to play it, too. I don't get an opportunity to do that anymore. I love to play volleyball and tennis, and I took "badminton" in college,(buffing my fingernails on my blouse) so watch out! I really would be hard-pressed to come up with 10 sports I really like, though. It's just not my thing.
Your link of the day is fun. I don't know how you find these things, but they are always good!

Jamey said...

My favorites to watch professionally are football and nascar. My favorites to watch of my kids are soccer and football. I love going to pro football games. We went to one Rockies game and it kind of bored me a little. The atmosphere is great though!! I used to do gymnastics so I like to watch that too. I just like sports in general:)

Renee said...

hey neighbor! funny to meet you through Kailani's blog though. LOL! Rockies games are soooo cool. I prefer sports in person...mostly cuz DH doesn't yell at the players when we are there in person. LOL!

SharonB said...

WOW! I'm impressed that you like ten sports! With all guys I've been out voted many times when it comes to sports on TV, but can't say I really enjoy any of them.

But my son's played soccer and basketball, so I did like watching those sports ... as long as they were playing. :-)

J-ME said...

Sports.... I am not a sports player, only a fan. I have liked watching sports since high school, but it wasn't until after I was married that I watched them on TV. DH isn't a sports fan, but we do enjoy some. Actually, I watch sports more than he does and he wonders what's wrong with me! LOL!
On my list would be anything NASCAR, Indy racing, baseball, football, ice hockey, anything at the Olympics, golf (yup - can you believe it, and I don't even play... I must be getting old, and rarely, basketball, though I enjoy it in person.