Tuesday, July 8, 2008

moving on

It's official. Besides one more outing where we're taking the senior high kids on a boating trip, we are officially done as youth leaders. We have handed over the reins and look forward to the next chapter of our lives.

But what does that chapter look like? I've been doing youth ministry for over 8 years and I'm used to knowing what God has called me to and what He expects from me. It's been a long time since I've felt that searching feeling and earnestly seeking His guidance and leading in where I should be serving.

I'll be honest, part of me doesn't want to get involved in anything. But I know that's normal for the time being. I need to time to sit back, relax, and refresh. I know my desire to get involved in some sort of ministry will return. Not only do I believe that we are called to serve in some way, but it's part of my personality. When I am a part of something [like church], I usually want to take on some degree of responsibility.

But I want it to be more than that. I want God to give me a passion for something like He has for working with kids. I want to feel like what I do makes a difference. I want to use my gifts and abilities. I want to feel the joy that one feels when they truly doing what they are called to do.

All of this is my current prayer. I am a firm believer in prayer and know that God answers prayer, but in His own time. So, I will try to be patient, enjoy this time of rest, and look forward to what He has planned for me [and Don] - whatever that may be.


Penless Thoughts said...

Are you stepping away from the youth ministry because your own youngest is leaving the nest? God certainly has a plan for each of our lives and the seasons do change. I know He will lead you.

Heidi Jo said...

i can so understand that feeling of walking away and some sadness and yet some freedom too. when i closed the chapter of a ladies group in my former home town, i felt a need to rest in Him for a while before taking it on in our new parish. not because anything negative had happened, but because it was time to "be still, and know God."

when you put your trust in Him, He will lead you.

Kelli said...

I will pray the Lord leads you to the next step. I know many youth have been blessed by you and your husband over the past 8 years!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I think a period of rest, reflection and prayer are necessary as you make this transition. I trust that God will show both you and Don the next place He needs you to serve Him.

Just Mom said...

I love your outlook, Diana. And yes, He does have a plan for you both.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

and God will truly honor that desire within you to have your passions stirred for His plan!

Melissa said...

I am sure that you will be involved in something when the time is right. There is never anything wrong with taking a bit of a break!!