Monday, June 30, 2008

healing love

Heather of Not A DIY Life hosts More of HIM Monday. It's a wonderful way of sharing where God is working in your life and encouraging one another in our walks.

I consider myself a person who is willing to learn from others. I believe that's the way God teaches me things. I just wasn't expecting it by reading two blog posts today from two people who are near and dear to me... my daughter and my brother.

I don't want to try to tell you the messages these two posts are conveying. I would much rather you read them yourself. I think it would be worth your time. (And if you feel so inclined, leave them a comment with your thoughts.)

In A Summer of Healing, Danielle writes; I love how the Lord gives you what you need in exactly the right amounts. Lately, I've been learning to believe God, instead of just merely believing in Him. He has shown me so much this summer.... read more.

My brother, Steve, writes in his post, Steal and Kill and Destroy; When the devil bites he does damage. But we must never forget that the bite of the devil is healed by the love of Jesus Christ... read more.

What I'm hearing God telling me is that there are things in my life that He can heal - if I only let Him. That He wants us to live a life full of joy, but we don't let ourselves experience that in full if we hold on to past hurts. That His love is so deep, so vast, and so powerful. And that I, a 48 year old, can learn from my younger brother and 20 year old daughter. How awesome is that?


Amber said...

And indeed that IS awesome...and it is the core of what it is all about!

Melissa said...

You know... I had an interesting thought the other day. I was wondering why it's so hard to change and give things over to the Lord. And then I realized - I'm afraid of what He will ask me to do next. I'm afraid I won't have the strength or courage to move where he wants me to go and so, I sit still. Bravo to you for learning and moving forward!!

Just Mom said...

Very awesome.


Just Mom said...

Just read Danielle's post:

You are an awesome mom, Diana. What a wonderful young woman your daughter is turning out to be.

Mam said...

Diana, I read the two posts. Very insightful, in both cases. Here's how it affected me, though. It surprised me to realize that I have pain I'm not dealing with in any productive way -- not even looking to God for healing.
It seems that somewhere along the way, I decided I was pretty tough. You know, "Nya, nya, nya -- Didn't hurt me!"
Those alligator teeth are so horrible in Steve's post, I could suddenly feel the recent bite the devil had taken out of MY rear end, that I was ignoring. I have to deal with this or it will make me more numb than I am.
One of the reasons I've developed this high pain threshold is to avoid unforgiveness. So Danielle's post speaks to that. "If it didn't hurt, then I'm ok and I can just go on about my business." That's not so. I did get hurt and I haven't dealt with it completely yet.
thanks to you and your loved ones for helping me to see it.

Barb said...

It's late at night and I'm just now reading today's blogs!

What a powerful blog today, Diana. I immediately went to Danielle's and Steves.

Danielle is in an amazing place in her life. So happy for her and so proud of her.

I'm slowly learning to give God the little hurts and zings on a daily basis, not holding on to them any longer than I need to. Next - giving them to Him as they happen.

Bless you!

Heather said...

Thank you so much for sharing Dani's and Steve's posts. What a blessing for you to have family members who seek the Lord so earnestly.

And as always, thanks for sharing in More of Him! Have a blessed day!

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing the links with us.
Both were great posts. Great reminders.

Penless Thoughts said...

We can always learn no matter how old we are. In fact, IMHO it is the thinking you have no more to learn that makes us grow old.

Thanks for your prayers :o)