Tuesday, May 27, 2008

body crash

Wow! It's been a crazy week and a half. I felt like I was going non-stop. First, I got sick which made doing anything more difficult. There were days where I didn't feel like doing anything and therefore did less than I had planned. But somehow everything got done.

The graduation ceremony was very nice and the party two days later went off without any major hitches. It was nice having family come into town and help out so much and to help us celebrate. Things wouldn't have been as nice if they hadn't been here.

Jake's party was Saturday, we all went to church Sunday morning, and then by Sunday noon, I hit a brick wall [figuratively]. I had made it through all the major stuff and somehow my body knew it, and so it crashed. I couldn't do anything but fall into bed and sleep. And sleep I did - for hours!

It definitely helped but I still feel like I'm in a fog. My mind and body don't quite know what to do. One way that is apparent is that I'm having a hard time getting back into blogging. My brain seems to go blank whenever I sit down and try to figure out what to write. I'm sure I'm just out of practice. I just need to start writing again - writing anything.

So I went over to 10 on Tuesday to see what today's prompt was. It is the 10 movies you're looking most forward to seeing. Since I'm a movie person, I figured I could do this. Here they are:

1. Indiana Jones
2. Prince Caspian/Chronicles of Narnia
3. Young At Heart
4. The Happening
5. Get Smart
6. Hancock
7. Wall-E
8. Mamma Mia
9. X-Files/I Want to Believe
10. Henry Poole is Here

link of the day:


Momma Roar said...

I hope your fog lifts soon!

I'm so behind on movies that I've only heard of a couple of them, LOL!

Congrats to Jake on his graduation! Hang in there Mom!! :)

Amber said...

Ugh, I hope the fog lifts for my Sunshine soon!

And your Jake is a DOLL. Congrats to him!

Heather said...

hope the fog lifts so you can get a rhythm back!

I'm not up on current movies but I definitely want to see Prince Caspian. I'll probably wait until it comes out on dvd.

Anonymous said...

You have been through a lot lately, So listen to your body and stay down and rest. . yes even your mind. . Be still and REST!!!

Melissa said...

I too am looking forward to several of those movies... we did see Prince Caspian and loved it! My oldest has now seen it twice :)