Saturday, May 2, 2009

those three dead people

My post yesterday was an Aloha Friday question asking what three dead people would you want to invite to dinner. I really should have added that I didn't want people to include family. It was okay that people answered that way, but I didn't want readers to think that I wouldn't want to spend time with any of my dead relatives.

In fact, I would rather visit with my three deceased grandparents than the three famous people I picked. I miss all three very much. I lost my maternal grandfather when I was in high school. I feel like I didn't know him very well. I remember him as a quiet, humble man who made homemade fudge and had funny sayings.

Next, it was my paternal grandmother. She passed away in the hospital while I was traveling back to California, by car, with my family. It broke my heart not to be able to get to her bedside before she left us. And a few years later, her husband, my paternal grandfather, went to join his beloved wife to enjoy everlasting life with his Lord and Savior. I have more memories with these grandparents as I spent more time with them.

I miss all three of them and would love to have a few hours around a dinner table with them. But yesterday's question isn't the only reason why my grandparents have been in my thoughts. I attended a funeral today. I think funerals are a natural time to reflect on those we love; those who have already left us and those who are still with us. It's also a reminder that each and every day is a gift, because our days are numbered and no one knows exactly what their personal number is.

Don't waste your days. Take the time to let the ones you love know how much they mean to you. Be generous with your smiles... and hugs. And don't forget to count your blessings, as well as thank the one who blesses you.


Melissa said...

I too have family that I would love to visit with, if given the chance. Letting those we love KNOW that we love them is a blessing - and it's one we need to take advantage of on a daily basis!

Christine said...

Ahhh, I figured I was cheating. I had a sad day today. We went to the hospital to say goodbye to a dear friend who is in palliative care and will be going home to meet the lord any time now. It was comforting to know that he is ready but it is so hard to say goodbye for now. We are going to miss him so much.

barb said...

Clever quote!

Your comments were tender and caring.