Monday, May 4, 2009

the good 'ole summertime

10 things I look forward to during the summer...

1. Warmer weather. This one should be obvious, although I don't like it when it's really hot. Warm weather means hanging outside more.

2. Cooler evenings. No matter how hot it gets here, the evenings cool down very nicely. I love being able to spend time out on the deck and then sleep with the windows open.

3. Eating meals outside. I'm mainly thinking of eating out on a restaurant's patio, but we're going to try eating our home meals out on the deck more often. The problem is that it can still be very hot with the sun shining directly onto the deck during the dinner hour.

4. Camping. We haven't been able to camp during the summer for nearly 10 years because of our involvement in youth ministry and being needed every weekend. I love camping and look forward to going as much as we can. Plus, I prefer our mountains in the summer - greenery over white snow.

5. Summer vacation. We're currently working on what this looks like.

6. Fresh strawberry pie. Strawberry shortcake. Chocolate covered strawberries. Enough said.

7. Thunderstorms. Love them!

8. Baseball games. I love to watch professional baseball. Go Rockies!

9. Good movies. Summer is always full of good movies. A few I'm looking forward to are: Angels & Demons, Harry Potter, and My Sister's Keeper.

10. No work. Since I work for a school, I have the whole summer off. Although I'll miss the students, I am really looking forward to the time off.

What are you looking forward to during the summer months?


MightyMom said...

not much actually. dreading a couple things...not looking forward to much

Just Mom said...

I'm looking forward to having my hubby at home more often. He'll be teaching through the summer, but it will be only two classes.

Karen said...

I fell asleep before the game ended last night, but I did see Chris I's grand slam! Go Rockies!

My husband refuses to sell our camper, even though we're at a time in our lives when we don't have a lot of weekends for camping. We're hoping to take a short trip this summer to the southwest part of the state.

I am also looking forward to eating out on the deck, and sleeping with the windows open:)

Jamey said...

I am always looking forward to the kids being out of school for the summer. I am looking forward to day trips with the kids, our summer vacation, the warmer weather of course, the kids baseball games and soccer games, and football starting...the kids tackle football AND professional football. I'm also looking forward to going to the dirt track races. There are so many things about summer that I love!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

YAAY for meal outside!

I used to work for the school system - oh summer was bliss :) My job doesn't "end" now in the summer, but being outside makes it easier in so many ways.

Momma Roar said...

Yay! What a fun list!

I share many of the same - eating outside, just being outside, camping. I'm looking forward to late afternoons spent at the community pool, some trips to the beach and mowing lawn!! :)

Did you get my email on fb? Re: when you're headed east?

Christine said...

Bird song, water gun fights, napping in the sun, walking in warm sand, flowers, sound of children at play, smell of fresh cut grass and watermelon!