Sunday, September 21, 2008

you are loved

You are loved. Even if you don't always feel loved, you are loved. Even if you can't always see love, you are loved. Even when you feel alone or lonely, you are loved.

Our society dictates that we show love in specific, tangible, predictable ways - flowers, candy, love letters, rings. These are the acceptable ways of showing love. And yet, the most exciting expressions of love come in those out-of-the-ordinary, surprising, funny moments.

The problem is not that we are unloved: the problem is that we have a limited view of love's expression. We need to broaden our view. We need to improve our lovesight so we don't overlook the subtle, creative, unique ways that love come to us.

Love behaves in many different ways. One person declares love through hard work, providing for a loved one. Another expresses love by carefully choosing a perfect gift and presenting it at just the right moment. Someone else lavishes tender and meaningful words on a beloved - perhaps in a specially chosen greeting card, a personally composed note, or an unexpected phone call. A fourth shows love through encouragement.

Love come to you from many different sources too. Can you doubt the love in a tiny boy's handful of pansies plucked from the grumpy neighbor's flower garden? Can you deny the love in a Crayola portrait of Grandad? What mother would miss the love shown by a teenager who cleaned up his room without being prodded? And what about a friend who offers to help you with a crash project at work?

Love may show up wrapped in the funny papers and twine or exquisitely presented in glossy paper and glistening bows. it shines in silent glances from across the room. it might even come in a soft purr or the wag of a tail. It doesn't matter what form it takes, as long as it comes from the heart.

Even when all these ordinary kinds of love seem to fail, you are still loved extraordinarily. For God's love letter speaks gloriously to you: God loves you so much that he sent his precious only Son to lead you home to live with him forever. Oh, yes, you are definitely loved. Never doubt it.

~Mary Hollingsworth


MightyMom said...

tonight love came in him letting me sleep an extra 2 1/2 hours instead of waking me up (like I'd asked him to) so we could share a date night.

and love played at the carnival this afternoon...played lots and lots and lots....even ate hot tamales!!

Barb said...

good reminder -- love was my friend asking if we would like to "housesit."

Penless Thoughts said...

I am surrounded by love and I know it and appreciate it. The most important thing about love is to pass it on to others. Great post.

MightyMom said...

to answer your question, the newspaper prints email addresses to all the writers for responses to articles.

He was so upset after reading her original article he "fired off a response" to her that contained the parts she quoted. She emailed him back within the hour asking permission to quote him. To which he (obviously) said yes.

Funny thing, there really were muffins in the oven while he folded the laundry (the boys at school) while he was talking it over with me...and went to write the response. :-)

Melissa said...

What a wonderful post! Great reminder to notice the little things that speak volumes!

Short Stop said...

What encouragement. I am learning of late to really focus on showing Jason love in the ways that HE really feels it. Not the ways I want to love him. So, this was really encouraging to me to keep at it.

Amy-Happy Momma said...

Encouraging! Thank you for the reminder. It is important to learn the others "love language" and then choose to speak it. And not forget our children in this as well.

I am loved and I am blessed!