Sunday, September 14, 2008

valued award

Susan, of Penless Writer, honored me with this award. Susan has become a dear blogging buddy and I can't help but admire her deep faith and how she uses her blog to share that faith as well as reach out to other bloggers. A while back, she felt convicted to start a 24 hour prayer blog. She has rallied many fellow bloggers to participate and oversees this valuable ministry.

Permio al Esfuerzo Personal has been translated by a previous recipient as Prize to the Personal Effort.

Here are the rules:
Mention the blog that gave it to you and comment on their blog to let them know you've posted your award
Publish these rules
Share 6 values that are important to you and 6 things you do not support
Grant the prize to 6 people

Six values that are important to me:

Six things I do not support:
being judgemental
the theory of evolution
cosmetic surgery

I would like to pass this award on to:
Melissa @ Mejojac's Memos
Jen @ Pen of Jen
Deb @ Riding Free with Deb
Heather @ Not a DIY Life
Mary @ Not Before 7
Amber @ Crazy Bloggin' Canuck


Barb said...

Congratulations! You definitely deserve this award!

Deb said...

Congrats thats awesome!! And Thank you so much!! Love it!
I will let you know when I post it:)
You made my night:) Have a Blessed week.

MightyMom said...

good-o for you!!

Humble wife said...

You are so deserving. Yay:)

Thank you for the award for me Pen of Jen...

I really appreciate this:)

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for participating in this, Diana. I so respect you and the choices you've made on your answers and the two you've passed this award on to that I know. I'll definitely link onto the other 4 and meet them :o)

Deb said...

Ok I have posted the award on my site. Thank you I am honored. God Bless:)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Congrats Diana! I really like reading these lists. Thank you for honoring me with this. I'll have to give my list some thought.

Posh Totty said...

Congratulations and well done Xx

I found your blog via the black box :o) Xx

Momma Roar said...

Yep, you're deserving!!

Those are 6 wonderful values! :)

Just Mom said...



Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Diana, thank you so much for sharing this award! You are such an encouragement to me!

Amber said...

I can see why I like visiting your blog so much--you and I share the same values. THANK YOU for including me!

Melissa said...

Aw... thanks for passing this along! I've been a tad absent in the blogging world...I'm trying to catch up a little now...