Monday, April 28, 2008

photo contest

Are We There Yet Mom is hosting a photo contest that ends TODAY! So I hurried and went through my archives and picked one of my favorite photos for my entry. You can check out all the participants at the above link and even vote for your favorite photo on the 29th. If you feel so inclined, I'd appreciate any votes for this darling photo. I'd love to win the book that is being given as the prize. [vote here]

There was no theme to this contest so it was hard to pick just one of my photos. I picked this picture because I think penguins are so quirky and cute.


Christine said...

I absolutely ADORE Penguins. What a cute pair they are.

Thank you for entering it in my contest! Good Luck!

Jamey said...

I love penguins!! Very cool picture!

kailani said...

I didn't realize that penguins had such big eyes! Great photo!