Sunday, April 27, 2008

boy, are my feet tired

Yesterday was a fun day. I attended the first annual Colorado Women's Expo. I went with two friends who make any outing a fun one. Here's just a few things that made my day.

! Hearing Suze Orman speak. She is quite the speaker and it was great hearing her talk to women about money and taking charge of our lives financially. Very inspirational.

! Meeting a blogging friend. I had the privilege of meeting Amber of Crazy Bloggin' Canuck and Mile High Mamas. It wasn't exactly planned but I knew she was going to have a booth representing the Mile High Mamas site. So I made a point of finding it and there she was. It was so fun. The only bummer was that I had my friends take a picture of us two and it didn't turn out. Sorry Amber, and thanks for the short chit chat. It was a pleasure meeting you.

! Visited a booth showcasing some special chocolate that is actually healthy for you. Psssh, you say. It's true... at least that's what they say. It all has to do with the way it's processed - cold vs. heat - and a bunch of technical stuff I didn't understand. My friend is going to host a party to introduce this chocolate to anyone interested. I'm interested - and I'll be there, Bev.

! Had my wedding bands cleaned and boy, are they now shiny. I was amazed.

! Spent 10 minutes sitting against a vibrating pillow. Why? Because it felt soooo good =)

! Had my hands rubbed with some aloe lotion that cures everything from dry skin to scars to arthritis and warts. Huh?

! Met a world class photographer and spending over a half hour hearing about his world travels while drooling over his photos (oooohh, if only I were rich).

! Buying a special clip to attach to my cell phone so I can clip it to, well.... anything I want to! Seriously, I want to see how well it works clipped to my belt loop, or outside of my purse, or even my dashboard. I'll keep you updated.

! Had my our picture taken with three very cute firemen, who were collecting for charity. You see, it was all for a good cause =D

! Spending the day in the company of two wild and crazy ladies, and the conversations and laughter shared.

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Amber said...

Perhaps a mixed blessing the picture didn't turn out? It was a wonderful suprise to meet you and boy, are my feet tired, too. :-)

Huckdoll said...

You saw Suze Orman speak?? Lucky girl! I've read so many of her book and think she's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we women know how to have fun Yes? Sounds wonderful!!
Have a great week:)

MammyT said...

I'm glad you had such a good time.

Barb said...

love the quote!

just had a chance to read your blog from the last few days. All were interesting as always. Amazing pictures.

wht a cool day with your friends. was it with L and S?

MoziEsmé said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Melissa said...

That sounds AWESOME!! I am just a tad jealous right now!! And OF COURSE you had to get your picture taken with the firemen... we are told over and over to have charity ;) So, are you gonna post that picture or what?!
Glad you had a great weekend!

Momma Roar said...

Oh, the blessing of getting some time with girlfriends!! Sounds great!