Tuesday, March 4, 2008

post potpourri

I just need to post a disclaimer about yesterday's post. I thank everyone for their kind comments but as I was reading them, I felt like maybe you thought I was fishing for compliments. I wasn't. I wrote the post right after getting home from the band's gig and I guess you could say I was on a little bit of a high.

I was a little euphoric because I almost didn't go to their concert but then so glad I did. It had been snowing most of the day and I didn't want to drive nearly an hour to get into downtown. Don was out of town and I didn't want to go alone. Plain and simple - I didn't want to go. I wanted to sit home in my pj's and watch Extreme Home Makeover and Oprah's Big Give. But I just couldn't get comfortable with that choice. I felt like I should drive Jake and I should be there as probably the only adult for his band.

As it turned out, it was a fun evening. It was low key without too many responsibilities. The snow stopped and the roads were pretty clear. And I had fun. It's amazing what a difference your attitude makes. So, I just wanted to clear that up. I am far from the rockin' mom that the post implies. I'm a rockin' mom because I can rock to the music my son and his band mates play.

I wanted to acknowledge the fact that the Blogging With A Purpose award was passed on to me by two wonderful blogging friends. Both Mary of Not Before 7 and Ma Kettle (Jen) of Double Nickel Farm honored me with such a nice award, each mentioning the meme I started; More Of Him. Thank you very much, Mary and Jen.

This award was created by Eric Novak at Blogging With A Purpose. He started awarding christian bloggers who blogged with a specific purpose and I am supposed to pass it on to five other blogs who do the same.

I would like to pass it on to Heather of Not A DIY Life as she has graciously taken over the reins of More Of Him. She has a wonderful blog where she regularly shares how God is working in her life. For those of you who participated in More Of Him, either through your posts or comments, I hope you continue to support this meme over at Heather's place.

I feel like most bloggers have a purpose for their blog. As for me, I have a few "purposes." Although I understand the spirit of the award, I once again am going to decline to pass it on because I feel like everyone is worthy of it. Sorry to disappoint.


And here's an encouraging story. A 14 year old boy in California, who founded a 'no cussing club,' has designated this week as NO CUSSING WEEK. I hope he gets a lot of support for his efforts. There's even a website (of course there is) dedicated to the cause. I have included it as my link of the day.

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Heather said...

Diana, it didn't sound like you were fishing for comments with yesterday's post. To me anyway. Being in a "band," we love our roadies and groupies, and I am sure your son was VERY PROUD to have his rockin' mama there to support him.

Thank you for sharing the Blogging with a Purpose award with me. I hope that I can host More of Him with integrity.


jennifer said...

I loved the post about your son and being there. I like that window into your life!

I think that you are well deserving of the award and perfectly fine with ending it at you!

Keep up the wonderful blogging.

Melissa said...

I didn't think you were fishing for compliments! I thought you were sharing bits and pieces of your life!
I love the idea of a no cussing club! I wish everyone would join! I had an English teacher tell us that swearing was a sign of an uneducated person. Someone who was intelligent had the power to come up with a better word than what she referred to as a 'gutter word'.

MammyT said...

Aww. You ARE a rockin' mom in both respects. Hard to believe the young ages of the kids who are involved in th No Cussing movement!

Momma Roar said...

I missed yesterday's post..will have to go and read after I finish here!! :)

I love the idea of the club - I think a lot of adults could use one of those clubs!

Karla said...

I like your potpourri!

Amber said...

I love the idea of a no-cussing week, especially since it was founded by such a young guy!

Huckdoll said...

Great award...congratulations!

I haven't read your previous post, but you just don't strike me as the 'fishing for compliments' type :)

Keep smiling!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Diana, I just went and read yesterday's to better understand today's and it truly didn't sound that way.

I loved that you were sharing from your heart so honestly! It was a great peek into your night and your relationship with your son.

JustRandi said...

I think it's so smart of you to realize how lucky you are to have the opportunity to be with your kids at their activities. I think lots of parents miss the whole thing.