Monday, March 10, 2008

i love a good story

In our youth class yesterday, we played a little game where we ask each other questions from a book we have. The question that I received was: name five Bible stories that I would like to have personally been a witness to. I gave some quick answers but then I thought about it later in the day. There are so many that would be cool to witness, but if I had to pick only five, these would be them.

><> The creation. How awesome would it be to see everything on the earth being formed? Since I love nature, I would enjoy being a part of the beautiful garden. And I would have loved sitting there with Adam as he went through the long line of animals, naming each one. (Genesis 1)

><> Noah's ark and the flood. Again, the animals. I think it would be neat to be on a big boat, with all the animals, watching it pour day after day and watching the world as I knew it filling with water. It would be kinda scary to think that I would be among the few that would be the only ones left on earth, but it would be an adventure. I bet the rainbow was a sight to behold, too. (Genesis 6-8)

><> David and Goliath. I'm such a sucker for the underdog, and that was definitely what David was in this story. Plus, I've always wondered what that Goliath looked like. He was over 9 feet tall - a giant. And then to watch David put a stone in his sling, swing it, throw it, and hit that giant warrior dead center in the forehead right before he hit the ground with a thud. I would have been jumping up and down, cheering loudly. (1 Samuel 17)

><> The birth of Jesus. What a holy night that was. Not only to be in the presence of my Lord and Savior as He made His entrance into this world, but I'm sure the there was a "feel" to the night that was indescribable. Like an eletrical charge to the air or something of that nature. It would have been a night to stay up until dawn because you wouldn't want to miss a thing. (Luke 2:1-15)

><> Feeding of the 5,000+. I would want to witness at least one miracle and picked this one because I would also get to hear Jesus speak to a large crowd. That would be pretty exciting. If I was truly witnessing the entire story, I would know that there was originally only five loaves of bread and two fish to feed a huge crowd. I can only imagine that I'd be sitting there in awe, wanting to share what I had just experienced with someone - with anyone. (Matthew 14:13-21)

I do love a good story, but the Bible isn't just a bunch of fictitious stories. They are true, and they are history. And when you put them all together, you understand who God is, why He loves us so much, and everything He wants to give us.

So, what Bible story would you most want to experience?

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MightyMom said...

oooo now good question. definitely NOT Noah! peeeeeeyuuuu! I'd like to have been on the beach when Jonah got barfed up...just so I could tell everyone it ISN'T fiction! The feeding of the 5000 is cool, and the manna in the desert too...

I'd like to see the resurection of Jesus (but skip the crucifiction please)

really I think I'd just like to have followed Jesus with the women who cared for him during his ministry. What an opportunity!! (but I'm a Mary, not a Martha so if you come to my house bring your own drink!--seriously, I'm way bad)

Penless Thoughts said...

Wonderful post Diana. Two that come quickly to my mind are 1)seeing the walls of Jherico falling down after the people were obedient to follow the instructions God had given them and 2) healing of the man blind from birth.

I long to see the walls fall down in our life and I long to see a miracle healing of someone.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting question!! I love the ones you picked. The ones witnessing Jesus living among us would be my absolute favorite. Another one I though of was seeing the conversion of Paul (Saul). To see that bright light on the road to Damascus and then to see the life that was totally transformed for Jesus would be so awesome!!

Now you're going to have me thinking all day what other stories I would like to witness. Somehow 5 seems like such a small number!!

Heidi Jo said...

one i'd love to have been witness to (or at least been there to ask questions about), was when the angel came to Mary to tell her she would conceive...and when the angel came to Joseph.

what emotions they must have felt.

Heather said...

I would love to go with the women to the tomb on that first Easter Sunday! Maybe that's on my mind because Easter is so close. But they went with sadness and left with unspeakable JOY!!!!

Have you read the first book in The Chronicles of Narnia? It has an awesome scene where Aslan sings Narnia into creation. It gives me goose bumps every time I read it! I imagine that maybe creation was like that - with God's spoken word creating and making a symphony.

Ma Kettle said...

Diana what an incredible post!

I agree with all, except maybe I would add a ton more...I would love to see Ruth married, the behemoth, and watch the altar burn with Elijah...imagine the faces.

I could go on and on...

Thank you for you words on my post, I really appreciate them.

Barb said...

Great question, super answer!
Creation would be awesome to observe, as well as Jesus birth and resurrection.

It is really difficult to pick just 5. Answering quickly, I would like to see one of Jesus encounters with a woman, as mightymom said. I would want to see an Old Testament woman, perhaps Sarah or... And definitely a scene with an angel in it.

Like Robyn said, now I'll be thinking about this for awhile.


SharonB said...

Wow what a thought provoking question. Ten minutes later...I'm still thinking.

I really think I'd want to see the crucifiction then the resurection. I know some might find it a bit strange that I'd want to witness the crucifiction - so much pain, brutality and torment-but it was my sinfulness and it was necessary to endure so that we could have the resurection.

Out of great pain and torment came unspeakable joy...freedom from the power of sin!

Then I would want to walk those last days with Jesus on the earth before He went up on the day of Pentecost...what a sight that must have been.

Of course there are many of the Bible stories I felt that I have lived...but that's another question...

Farrah said...

I absolutely LOVE this post! I like it so much, that I'm going to do a post on my top five. When I do, I'll link to your post and let you know so you can read it. :-)

Just Mom said...


I would love to have traveled with the three wise men to see the baby Jesus and the Holy Family.

Similarly, I would love to have been there the morning they discovered His empty tomb and the excitement of being among the first to realize that He is alive.

Melissa said...

What a great question! My first thought was to spend be with Daniel in the Lions den - what an amazing night that must have been for him!
The morning after Jesus was resurrected would be amazing
His baptism - just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes.
Thank you for this thought... you have given me a wonderful gift today!

Lori said...

Neat post. Wouldn't it have been neat to see all of those events.
I think I would of been awesome to se the birht of Jesus or the Resurrection of Jesus.