Wednesday, February 27, 2008

we are... moms in touch

Here's a picture, taken today, of the ladies from my Moms In Touch group while we lunched at a local restaurant. I love them dearly and the time we spend together is priceless to me. Little did I know, when I joined this group four years ago, how much of a blessing it would be.

I almost didn't join. I had gone to another MIT group meeting when my kids were younger and did not have a good experience. I felt that it was a bunch of busy-body soccer moms who only wanted to sit around and gossip under the guise of praying for others. It left a very bad taste in my mouth.

But when Terri (the leader of my current group) called me, I felt an instant connection with her and her vision for the new group she was starting. It also came during a hard time in my life (we had just left our former ministry and church) and I felt like God was telling me to give it a try. I only had to attend two meetings to realize this group was going to be nothing like the other that I had attended.

The group has changed in participants since I first joined, but the overall goal has not. And that is to gather as mothers to pray for our children and our children's schools.

This goal has brought us closer than any of us could have ever expected. With all of us raising teenagers, we can cry on each other's shoulders and then laugh through our tears. We're there to support and learn from each other. Sometimes praying is all we can do for our children and it's a great comfort to know that we are lifting each other, and our kids, up in prayer. We also truly care about the schools that our children attend and want to bathe these institutions and their staff in prayer.

I believe in the power of prayer. I feel it's important to be praying for our children from the time they're born until... well, I guess we never stop :) I know it's a blessing to have others praying for me and with me and I for others. I'm thankful that I live in a country where I'm free to pray. And I believe that God answers each and every prayer we utter.

side notes:
My blogging friend Susan's last two posts (here and here) addresses a couple of issues involving prayer. Both have some good food for thought that you might enjoy reflecting upon. I'm sure she would appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

Another blogging friend, Leigh Ann, has a wonderful site, Lifting Hands, that encourages parents to pray for their children. Each week she posts a specific prayer that focuses on a specific area. Another blessing for me.

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Penless Thoughts said...

Wonderful that God has blessed you with this group and connection.

It appears to me there is more of an urgency for prayer and connectedness, one to another,ever here in blogland. I choose to be open to Him and His leading. Thanks for the link.

MightyMom said...

well, cool new look!!

mommy friends are the bestest!

Anonymous said...

Your group is really priceless. I have done these in the past as well and miss them in my life right now.

I am thankful for faithful blogging friends who really do pray for me and my family.

Heidi Jo said...

first off, i love the springy theme of the blog. not feeling it so much here yet--but i know it's a coming.

the MIT group sounds like a blessing. i have three friends from high school that now live within driving distance and we try to meet once in a while...maybe we'll have to make it official and give ourselves a name!

Short Stop said...

How wonderful that you have this group and these ladies. I am so thankful for my Bible Study group and my friends at MOPS. They are such an encouragement to me.

LOVE your springy new theme. As soon as clicked over here, I smiled! :)

MammyT said...

Hi Diana, Sorry I haven't been around more. Your group sounds like a good idea. I've been wanting to have a (for lack of a better word) "Support" group of women who not only do Bible study, OR pray, OR fellowship, but do all three together. I find that I'm more and more hungry for the company of like-minded women with parallel goals and ideals. This just gives me some encouragement to pursue it. Thank you.
And thanks for focusing on the important things. I appreciate you.

MammyT said...

Back again to say I responded to both of Susan's posts you linked to. See? You're a moderator! :) I still think you need a forum. And no, I haven't looked into it. Just haven't had time. You have this gift for hooking people up to one another and to things of importance. You even have a "daily link". See what I mean?
It would be great to have all those thoughts of everyone's in one convenient place to give and take.

Jamey said...

Your group sounds great! I wish I could find something like that here. It's important to have people that can support you through "things" in life, especially when dealing with kid issues! You look like you have a lot of fun together.

Melissa said...

What a wonderful group! And such a fantastic reason to get together... a great blessing in your life, I'm sure!

Momma Roar said...

Love the new look Diana!! It made me smile too!!

Thanks for the link to Lifting Hands - I have just been so blessed by all the moms who stop over there and share.

You're group sounds awesome. The CoOp we were in last fall has a time of prayer, but I was teaching during that session. I'm really hoping I'll be free in the fall during that time.

Anonymous said...

your blogs get better all the time,the one today is have been in my prayers daily since the day you were born and will continue.

jennifer said...

Well, I made it in on comments,so yay! the spring look!

Love the post, and think that this would be a great thing here!!

Forgive me for not commenting. Maybe I have resolved the issue, as this is the second blog that I was able to leave a comment!

Anonymous said...

It is great when you find a few to share such parts of your life with!!

Oh, your new look is very Spring-ish! Very nice.