Friday, February 1, 2008

being influential

Last night I went to a Bible Study group meeting. I haven't been a part of a Bible Study for about a year now and I've missed doing one. So when our Women's Ministry announced a new group starting, I signed up.

It's actually not a study on a book of the Bible, but instead a book entitled Six Essentials of Spiritual Authenticity. It's a small group of women, which is good, and the book looks good. I wanted to share the first paragraph of the introduction because I firmly believe these words to be true and I wanted to share it, hoping it would encourage other women (and men, too).

"You were born to be a woman of influence. No - we don't mean a busybody or a queen bee, telling others what to do or making their lives revolve around yours. You were born to model your life on Jesus' life, and in so doing, be a model for others. Perhaps your influence will happen in a few quiet words over coffee, in a hug, or a prayer. Don't say, "Not me - I'm barely treading water!" If you have the Spirit of God in your life, you have what it takes. God wants to influence people through you."

I am convinced that this is the most effective way to minister to people - young and old. Church programs can only do so much. It's in the personal relationships that love is shown, that lives are shared, that spiritual growth occurs, that accountability naturally happens, and where God is constantly present.

Don't doubt yourself or your purpose. You do have a purpose. And if you're open to His leading, God will use you.

By the way... I think God uses a lot of people through their blogs. So keep on blogging!

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Melissa said...

You know... sometimes it's hard to remember that there is anything Divine in my life when I'm burried in laundry and screaming fighting kids. Thanks for the reminder :)

Momma Roar said...

A great post Diana!

I'm excited for you and your study! Hopefully we can learn from each other these next few weeks as we can possibly share what we are learning! :)

MammyT said...

Great post, Diana. I'll look forward to your sharing what you glean from your study. Wouldn't an online Bible study be fun, with the ladies who frequent our bloggy neighborhood. I don't know how to put that together, though. I bet you do! And you need another project, riiiight.Thanks for your comments. I hope B.W.O. catches on.

Jamey said...

I completely agree that church can only do so much. That's only an hour or two out of your week. It's the day to day encounters that can be the most influential.

Ma Kettle said...

I love what you wrote...and God will use anyone of us!

I would love to have updates on this class.

Sandy said...

This sounds like a good study. I hope you write more about it. I understand what you are saying but I have a hard time believing God can and will use me in any monumental way. Maybe I'm still too new a Christian. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

That paragraph is excellent. I've learned in life that preaching to people doesn't work, you need to establish a friendship and a trust with them first.

You are so right, many (including you) have ministered to me throught their blogs.

Karen said...

What a great and encouraging post, it's almost easy to get lost in the busyness of parenting, life etc and lose sight of precious moments and opportunities God has.

Penless Thoughts said...

Great post, Diana!! So true. We are living epistles. The Word says we are!!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to buy the book!! that is great!!Thanks for sharing:)