Monday, February 11, 2008

more of HIM

Welcome to More of HIM

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More of HIM is a place to find encouragement, support, and honesty as we each strive to live in God's grace and love. Join in with your own post sharing how God is speaking to you through His word ~or~ how He is working in your life. Leave a link to your post on Mr. Linkly below. Or visit those who have shared this week and leave them a comment. Sharing our spiritual journeys with each other can help us to grow not only as a community here in bloggyland, but closer to our Lord and Saviour.


Heather said...

Oops, I must have gotten side tracked this morning! Thanks for your comment, Diana. One (of the many!) things that I love about posting on my blog is that others can learn from my brokeness. I am learning more and more each day just how much I really need Jesus!

Barb said...

Where are all the blogger comments today? I always look forward to reading them.

I was very careful putting in my url - don't know what I did wrong -sorry.