Tuesday, February 19, 2008

is your dad better than mine?

I don't know if I can blame the writer's strike for such bad TV or if it's just the natural progression of reality shows. Tonight I was watching Deal or No Deal because, well... I like the show. The next show was one that I've heard advertisements for, but hadn't paid much attention to. It was called, My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad.

I could only watch about 10 minutes before I had to turn it off. It was a competition between four teams - consisting of a father and his child (some boys, some girls). The first task had the children standing on the side lines cheering their dads on. But it was obviously more than just cheering. They were screaming and yelling such things as, "you have to do it, dad" and "go faster dad, you're losing." They knew they were on TV and they knew how important it was for their respective dads to beat the other dads. They didn't want to be losers.

It was a competition where the dad who came in last place was eliminated. You can imagine the look on the little girl's face when it was her dad that couldn't manage to beat any of the other dads. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but it broke my heart.

The next competition included the child, so now there's the pressure of winning put upon the child. If these were just fun games that a father and child did together, I would be all for it. But when you put the title of "my dad is better than your dad" on it, of course the kids are going to want to win and have their dad to be given the title of the "best."

But what happens when their dad doesn't get that title? There can only be one winner. As adults, we know that doesn't mean the other dads are losers, but do kids know that? Especially with that as the name of the show. Would they internalize the fact that their dad isn't the best - that he isn't better than so-n-so's father? And how long does that stay with them?

And what about the father that does win? Does his son or daughter then think that their dad is better than all others? Is that healthy thinking for any kid?

I'm all for healthy competition, but I don't see this show as being anything but hurtful for the kids involved. Just my two cents.

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Momma Roar said...

Couldn't agree with you more! We watched little bits of it and T kept saying, "don't you think those kids going to get arrogant?"

Every child is supposed to think their dad is the best - why put them to the test and leave 3 believing their dad didn't measure up? We can only hope the families are well grounded and talk a lot with their kids.

Not the best show in my opinion either...but compared to what else is on these days - nothing is real great.

Its nights like those that I'm thankful the tv only comes on after our kids are in bed! :-D

Jamey said...

I don't see myself liking that show. I've never seen it, but I think I'll skip it now! I think reality TV has gone too far!!

Lori said...

I didn't watch it. But it doesn't sound very good. I won't have much time for tv anymore.

Just stopped by to say hello.
Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho! its off to work I go. Wish me luck.

MightyMom said...

it's crap, as it almost all of TV these days.

Barb said...

You are so right!! What a terrible competition. It breaks my heart too when I see children exploited or abused in any way. Sometimes it's so subtle and yet so potentially damaging.

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm a Deal No Deal fan but wasn't even tempted to watch the following show. I didn't even like the commercial. When the one little girls says, "Whatever" in that distaining voice was enough for me.

Angie said...

Yuck! Sounds like an awful program that feeds into money making big network hands. I think networks are SERIOUSLY reaching for any new gimmick programming these days and it makes me sad that America keeps demanding it. I watch almost no TV anymore. But, admittedly, my kids watch a lot of cartoons. Sometimes they are not much better. There is just not a real person behind the insults and attacks.

Melissa said...

I had the same thoughts as I watched part of it... what will these kids think of their dad's if they don't win?? I didn't enjoy the program. But, my hubby thought that the game where they swung the kids at the giant dart board looked like FUN! :)

Just Mom said...

For those and many other reasons, I avoid "reality TV" like the plague.

carrie said...

I hate tv. I used to watch it all the time and now I only watch Lost. Silly stuff out there.

MammyT said...

Everyone tells me that I am the only person they know who watches NO TV at all. I don't make a point of telling people that, but occasionally it comes up. I don't watch TV. I read 4 or 5 books a week and some of them are very serious, but some are "junk food" books like little mysteries and whodunits. But I don't watch TV. I got tired of trying to find something worth my time. I'm real sensitive to visual input and have inadvertantly viewed things that continued to disturb me for a long time after. Not watching TV is one of the best ways I know to guard my heart. I get the news I want to read online and the weather, too.
I'm definitely "Pop-culture challenged. That's ok with me.

Pam in Colorado said...

We just got Sky Angel for our television viewing. We have been without tv reception for 5+ years. I do not miss such shows.

It would be better to build a competition type show around doing ones best, pushing oneself to raise the bar of their abilities or belief in their abilities, but to make it about if you are eliminated you are a "loser" what really is being taught? It is okay to lose, how you lose may be a better determining factor.

KarenW said...

I haven't seen that show. I watch very little TV - more time for blogging that way!