Monday, December 10, 2007

what is going on?

First, a shooting rampage in a mall in Omaha. Whenever I hear the ongoing news stories about this event, I think about it on a personal level. I've been to our local mall a few times in the past couple of weeks. That tragedy could have happened in any mall in the country. How unnerving it is to think you could be shot down by some lunatic who picked your favorite mall to use as a firing range. My heart goes out to those families who lost loved ones to such a senseless crime.

Now there's been two more senseless shootings, and these hit closer to home. And where is the one place you would feel safe - besides your home? A church, right? Well, that's where the gunman hit. At least the police feel it's the same gunman. They're still investigating.

Shortly after midnight, four people were shot at a YWAM (Youth with a Mission) dormitory located on the campus of a fairly large church in a city in the north part of Denver. Two of them died and the other two are in the hospital. They were shot because they would not allow this young man to stay the night in their facility.

About twelve hours later, a gunman opened fire in the lobby of a mega church in Colorado Springs, right after a service concluded. Reports said that at the time there were hundreds of people milling around and parents were picking up children from the nursery. There were about 7,000 people in total on the campus of the church. The gunman shot four people, killing one, before he was shot and killed by a security guard from the church. (The church had beefed up security because of the earlier shooting.)

I thought of my daughter immediately. She attends that church in Colorado Springs but on Friday nights, when they have a service/youth group for college aged kids. When I talked to her, she knew about the shootings and shared that a lot of her friends also go on Sunday mornings. In fact, her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend had left the church grounds about five minutes before the shootings.

What made it even more scarier is that Danielle had almost gone to this church today. She usually works at another church on Sunday mornings, but she didn't work this morning. She had decided not to go because she didn't want to drive the snow-packed streets. I am so happy and thankful that God was looking over her - protecting her.

So I'm back to my original question: What - is - going - on? How did we get to a place where we can't feel safe in our schools, in the malls, or at a place of worship? What makes a person want to go out and start shooting at people? I just don't understand it. It's enough to make me want to become a hermit and live out the rest of my days inside my comfortable - and safe - home.

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Lori said...

I agree. What is going on.
That is awful.
So glad you daughter is safe.

We're home. I'm still having a really rough time though.

Amber said...

Jamie and I live near the latest shootings and it is sobering to think a killer was on the loose. And scary. It worries me about the kind of world my children will grow up in!

Melissa said...

I don't understand it either. It boggles my brain that these things happen... and on a more frequent basis. I agree with Amber... what kind of world are my children growing up in?

Short Stop said...

Oh my, friend. I ask myself this same question all the time. I hate to even pull up the news anymore because I know that I will be reading about another tragedy like these you've described.

It does turn me to prayer. When I read of these stories, I feel compelled to call out to God and ask for His protective mercy on my family and loved ones. It makes me long for the day that He comes and makes things right again!

Momma Roar said...

When I hear these things, I ask the same questions Diana - and then my mind is always brought to any Frank Peretti novel - all that is going around us.

A childhood friends of my hubby's attend that church as well, but had already been off campus. I'm thankful that they and Danielle were not there.

jennifer said...

Oh Diana what is going on? Bill always says that it will continue to get worse and that as it does to pray and pray, but Revelation does show that times will continue to decline.

I am shocked to read that your daughter could have been there. Well, I just think that we all should appreciate that we do not know when we are going to die, and to be ready at any moment, by receiving the Blood of Jesus.

BTW I did a scripture speaks to me on my home school blog(

I really have appreciated that you began this as it makes all the difference!

Lynne said...

I'm not so sure if home is such a safe place either, because home invasions are increasing around my area.

I have no answers to what makes someone snap like that. I did become a bit of a hermit after 9/11, but then I realized that the majority of people out there are good and I was not going to let a few lunatics keep me from living my life.

I'm glad God was watching over Danielle and her friends.

Angie said...

Sad crazy time. Seems to fuel the crazies when the first gets instant publicity and fame. I lived in Littleton when Columbine Massacre happened. Many of my co-workers were affected and one of them lost her daughter. Nothing short of HORRIFIC and TRAGIC and so senseless. The Omaha shooting - my sister-in-law was at the mall 1/2 hour before the rampage. It makes you realize it could have been anyone. And it was. They were daughters, sons, fathers, brothers, sisters to someone who now has to spend the holidays and the rest of their lives without their beloveds. I don't get it. The Omaha shooter left a note stating "he was sorry for being a source of constant disappointment to his family." What breaks my heart is that no one is a source of constant disappointment to their creator and father in heaven. I just wish everyone could feel that contentment and that stability. EVERYONE.

MightyMom said...

stay tuned for a post related to these events...and others...too many others.