Monday, December 3, 2007

monday potpourri

I know some of you have come here looking for More of Him Monday. I have decided that More of Him will be taking the month of December off. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone, but I'm guessing that this month will be busy for all of us. Whether it's the hustle-bustle or the special meaning of the season, I think we all want to be writing about other things and/or not spending as much time here in blogland. I will post it again in January. If you did post something today, please leave a comment in order for me [and others] to stop by and read it.

SharonB of Quiet Reflections is having a holiday give-away. All you need to do is answer the question in her post and your name will be entered in the drawing for your choice of one of the books she's giving away. Good luck.

Speaking of SharonB, she honored me with this The Colors of Friendship award right before Thanksgiving. This is the spirit in which this award is given: I want to nominate my following blog friends for the Colors of Friendship Award. They color my life with the beautiful hues of friendship. Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures we share the same spirit of friendship. Thanks again Sharon.

And speaking of awards, Tee of Spilt Milk passed on this fabulous award to me some time ago. Thank you, Tee. It's always nice to feel fabulous, and you made me feel that way by honoring me with this award. Sorry it's taken so long to acknowledge it.

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jennifer said...

Boy I agree that you totally deserve both awards! Hip hip hurray!

You are right about busy this month...

J-ME said...

This was my first time visiting. First I really like the quote by Coolidge. Secondly, I enjoyed your photos. The Mountain Blue Jay is beautiful - our eastern Blue Jay is pretty too, but I enjoyed seeing the difference. Your post "I'm no hero" made me feel as you must. So often we act and react without thinking beyond ourselves. Aren't you glad we have a loving and merciful Lord who teaches us, forgives us, and gives us second chances? I am!

Melissa said...

You do deserve the wonderful awards!! :D
This is a busy month... but a great one!

Just Mom said...


Lori said...

Congrats on your awards. I can totally see why you recieved the friendship award. I couldn't agree are a great friend.

Our Family of Five said...

I see she's giving away Carolyn and CJ Mahaney books.... very cool! I love books and tapes by them. :)