Monday, March 16, 2009

old pictures - dogs

I bought myself a little handheld scanner a few weeks ago. It's not the best scanner but it's nice that it's so small and easy to use. So I've been going through some of my old pictures and thought I dedicate this week to old pictures that I find to be noteworthy.

I really started last Friday when I posted a picture of my first car. Today I have two pictures that show our first two dogs.

Here is Don with our very first dog, named Shasta. We were in high school when we picked her out of a litter of abandoned puppies. The other puppies ended up looking more like retrievers, but Shasta looked more like a shepherd. She went to live with Don and his family and I had to give her my love and attention when I spent time at their home (which was nearly every day). By the way, this is what Don looked like in high school. This is the boy I fell in love with =) The picture was probably taken in 1977, the year we graduated.

Shortly after we got married and moved into a rented house, we bought Kirby. He was our first golden retriever (our current dog is our third golden) and our parents considered him their granddog since we weren't having grandchildren fast enough for them. He was a good dog and we did a lot of camping with him. I figured this picture was taken somewhere around '83 or '84.


Susan said...

It's nice to see these older pictures of you guys.

Karen said...

Lovely picture of the two of you. Oh, the hair! Last night, my DH was telling the kids about his hair style in the 70s (similar to Don's) and they were in disbelief that their dad actually had a full head of hair. Especially since he can almost count the number he has on his head now! I'll have to dig out pictures.

I love your spring design, BTW.

Janice said...

What cute dogs. And you and your husband look good, too.

Jamey said...

Love the pictures of the dogs, but loved seeing old pictures of you and Don even more!!

MightyMom said...

heh heh heh

nice hair Don!!


I like the pink by the way

Mrs4444 said...

You look very happy :)