Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A doodle is a type of sketch, an unfocused drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. They are simple drawings which can have a meaning, a shape or just irregular forms. (source: wikipedia)

Hi, my name is Diana, and I'm a doodler. (Now in unison; hi Diana) Just take a look at my sermon notes each week, or the folder I was given at Jake's parent orientation, or my prayer journal from my Moms In Touch group. Yes, I doodle. I think there's two reasons I doodle; I am an artistic person (with schooling in graphic arts) and I'm bored. I know it's not always a matter of being bored, but sometimes it is. Some times it's the white space on a page that beckons me to fill it.

I came across a post stating there's a new study that says doodlers tend to concentrate better, learn more easily, have better memory, and are less stressed. It goes on to say that what you doodle can signify any number of deeper, psychological issues. For example, if your scribbling are thick and heavy- could mean you're having a rough day. Light and airy- maybe your day is light and airy as well. here's what some say all those lines and scribblings may mean:

Arrows: ambitious;strong personal drive
Boxes: stacked boxes- methodical; closed boxes - self-centered; open boxes- open mind.
Cats: complex; playful or aggressive?; look at the drawing itself.
Circles: self-protective
Curly-ques: very imaginative, good natured.
Dots: can mean life is not very well connected.
Eyes: you think you're good looking.... or everyone is watching you.
Faces: either you are a people person... or outgoing yet very private.
Flowers: you romantic, you.
Guns: scary
Houses: how you feel about life at home; an open front door- welcoming; closed- private; if things are weirdly drawn or there are no doors or windows- that's an unhappy home.
Intricate Patterns: meaning detailed to the max; can mean obsessive/compulsive; introverted; detail-oriented.
Name: could use a little boost in self-confidence.
Question Marks: just what you might think.
Robots: you are bored with your life and your routine.
Spider webs: complicated and high maintenance.
Stars: once again, a romantic; and a dreamer.
Trees: a tree without leaves- isolated and alone; full- so is your life.
Zigzags: life is tough right now.

How about you... are you a doodler?


diana said...

... and no, those aren't my doodles

Short Stop said...

HAHAHAHA! Laughing at your comment!

I always doodle flowers or my name.

So, I'm guessing I'm an insecure romantic? Sounds about right. Good think I've got my J-man makin' up for it.

barb said...

Yes, I am definitely a doodler!

I read an article last week about doodling and patted myself on the back for doing something to increase my attention and memory.

However, I didn't see the various doodles and their meaningings. Thanks!

Susan said...

My sister was a doodler.

Jamey said...

I don't doodle. But I found it interesting to read what all the little doodles meant. My husband doodles, I'll have to pay more attention next time to what it is he is doodling!! Doodle...that's a funny word!

Anonymous said...

I doodle, but not well. I also don't like what my doodling says about me according to this article of yours. I may need doodler therapy.


MightyMom said...

I doodle on occasion. not as much as I used to...nowadays I pick up a needle more often than a pen....especially as my 2 year old has decided that she should have unlimited access to ALL PENS...regardless of what she wants to do with them!!

oh and I've at times doodled curlycues...roses...geometric shapes created from either triangles or parallelograms....unformed shapes made from shading....

dunno what that says about me.....

HalfCrazy said...

Haha, I've read that study too. I don't really doodle. For some reason, I just talk to whoever is sitting beside me when I'm bored, most especially during class discussions LOL.

Cool info on what those lines and scribblings may mean! I usually just draw a field then with some mountains, the sun rising , trees here and there.. Yep, grade school drawing stuff LOL. But whenever I draw houses, always with closed doors but with pretty big windows. Private but happy!

I doodle when I don't have anything to do lol.

Christine said...

Hi Dianna!

I doodle boxes and circles so according to the doodle , I am somewhat of a troubled soul. Before you get alarmed...the reason is that I am the type of person who has trouble drawing anything more complicated.

Sometimes I do like to make a squiggly line.

I got into trouble more than once at school for doodling. The teachers figured that I was not paying attention. I concentrate better when I doodle. I feel vindicated! Yes!

Maxine said...

Such a cute post, Diana! I never doodle. I don't know what that says about me, lol. this was interesting. I'm all for anything that causes a person to relax and I would imagine doodling does that. Enjoy.

For me, I'll stick with my suduko puzzles and cryptograms to increase my memory and attention.

Melissa said...

I doodle. Most of the papers on my desk have some kind of doodle on them. It does help me to concentrate and think better :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I always doodle circles, usually turning them into flowers, often writing my name.

So I am a self-protective, insecure romantic...

i have to laugh cause I am not any of those. :)