Friday, January 11, 2008

this, that, and the other thing

Thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post about Hillary Clinton. It was nice to read everyone's opinion and I appreciated them all.

I've been thinking, for a while now, of posting occasionally about hot topics that are being talked about. Probably not much on politics. I'm not a very political person and I know politics, more than any other subject, is very personal and can spark heated debates - which wouldn't be my intention. I just think it's interesting to hear people's opinions on different issues. We'll see. But thanks again to everyone who participated in the discussion.

Speaking of future posts, I'm trying to decide if I want to continue the More of Him Mondays. Please let me know if you have strong feelings either way.

I saw the movie P.S. I Love You today. I really liked it. A lot more than I thought I would. It's just one more case where the previews make a movie look one way and not necessarily the way it really is. It's a lot more serious and thought provoking than I thought it would be. It even made me tear up a couple of times. I would recommend it.

And lastly, Don was in a car accident last night on his way home from work. He's okay and thankfully, no one was hurt. On the freeway, in stop and go traffic, he was hit from behind and then pushed into the car in front of him. The impact in front of him barely left a scratch on the other car but did quite a bit of scrunching to Don's jeep. The impact from behind did some damage to the back of the jeep but so much to the other car that it had to be towed away. We're just thankful that no one was hurt.

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Heather said...

I would really like to see More of Him Monday continue! It's great for my self-discipline, in that I am looking for what God is saying to me so that I have something to post about!

Diana, if you don't want to host anymore, I'll offer to host. But that is totally up to you!

Short Stop said...

I am SO glad that Don is okay. Boy, car accidents are scary...even when no one is hurt. God is so good and I'm so glad He protected Don.

I enjoyed the discussion yesterday. I checked a few times to just read what others had to say. I found it really interesting and would love for you to post your thoughts now and then on things like this!

Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

Sorry to hear about Don's car accident. I'm so glad that is is ok.

I do like reading everyone's More of Him Monday posts. I just haven't had a chance to participate.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Thinking of you, Lori

Lori said...
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Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Oh gosh, I am sorry to hear about Don's car accident. That is scarey. I am glad he is doing Ok though.

MammyT said...

I think it's good to air some of these, sort of, contrversial topics. If people can't show enough restraint to do it without offense, you can always remedy that. I've never been here for the Monday activity. Can someone tell me a little about it?
Thank you for stopping at my site. And about the reading? It may be less of a virtue than you might think. It keeps me up pretty late at night!

Momma Roar said...

I'm so thankful Don is okay!!!

I agree that the Mondays keep me disciplined to search and write out what God is showing me - but I can continue to do them on my own (and maybe not even on Mondays :-0 gasp). No pressure here!

I enjoyed yesterday's post - I don't often think about those types of things...I'm still thinking diapers and dirty dishes, but it made me step out of my comfort zone to comment. Just my $.02

Barb said...

One of your favorite quotes, huh!!!
Super glad Don wasn't hurt. Sure a person up though.

I would encourage you to keep More of Him. I appreciated your blog, but also all the comments you would have on it.

I think your "regular" co-bloggers would handle a political or any sensitive subject with respect. I would say go for it girl!

Penless Thoughts said...

Missed out on your blog about Hillary but just went and read it and the comments.

I would definately never vote for her, I don't trust her. I must admit I was touched by this display. I hope it was not "staged". I take everything and everyone at face value and it is so disheartening to think that people "stage" aspects of their lives.

I would like to see you contine More of Him Monday. It is a good concept. We all want More Of Him!!!

I was rear ended just before Christmas, too. Really scared me but fortunately I had very little damage, even though I was the one caught in the middle!! Glad Don was not hurt. We never know from one minute to the next do we?

Anonymous said...

Glad Don's okay - and everyone else, too!

I've been away so long, that I don't even know what "More of Him Monday" is. So, I'm off to catch up!