Thursday, January 10, 2008

i can't decide how i feel

Today is a rare day. I'm doing two things that I don't usually do in my posts. One, embedding a YouTube video (I usually just leave a link) and two, talk politics. But today I'm doing both.

You may have already seen what's on the video. It's been all over the news and is currently a hot topic. The day before the New Hampshire primary, Hillary got emotional as she spoke with voters about how hard it is to balance a busy campaign life and her passion for the country's future.

I'm writing about this because I honestly don't know how I feel about it. We've had a few discussions here in my home on the subject. And there's been a lot of talk online where both sides of the issue have been very vocal about their feelings. A lot of people think it was staged. I DO NOT think it was staged.

It does show her as being vulnerable. But maybe that's a good thing. I like seeing her show some of her heart and not just her brain. I think her answer (shown on the video) shows passion and compassion. I just don't know if it also gave the impression of weakness. No one wants any signs of weakness in a president. I haven't decided who I'm voting for and this just makes it a little harder for me.

I'd love to hear what you think. But, please... don't get up on your soapbox or use this as a venue to promote your candidate of choice (I will delete comments if necessary). I'm just curious of how other women are feeling about this issue.

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Jen Hill said...

I am so glad you brought this up.

I believe that Hillary gets a lot more superficial jabs than most of the male candidates running. I wrote a post a few months ago called, "Should we judge our next President on their laugh?" It is not meant to be a pro-Hillary post. I just wanted to address an interesting point of how Hillary is perceived by many.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the credit for the link :)

As for Hilary - I also felt it was sincere. I think she was exhausted and that allowed the emotion to come through. I think this was a good thing. She's been among all these male politicians so long that she's put up a wall. She's had to become cold and agressive to survive in Washington - but that is what has turned many women off about her.

I was never a big fan of Hillary because I couldn't connect with her. Now, I feel I can. It made her human, because she expressed something that ordinary women have been expressing. They're worried about the future of the country and what that means for their children.

I also think that the media ripping her apart and saying this was staged added additional votes in her favor. It pissed women off and they felt sympathy for her. I think you saw a mix of all this in New Hampshire and that's why she won.

Heather said...

I don't usually talk politics, but I do stay informed so that I can be an informed-voter. I take that seriously!

Re: Hillary. She is a woman running in male-dominated circles. She will have countless more battles to fight and win simply because of her gender. The same goes for women in ministry (ignore the fact whether you believe women in ministry is scriptural, there are still women in ministry). She will be criticized by women if she does not show her vulernable, feminine side. And she will be cricitized by men when she does show that vulernability.

So I think she gained a lot of women's support with this moment. And I think she lost a lot of men's support. Was it worth it? We'll see in August, won't we?

Short Stop said...

I'm in the same boat as you...I just don't know how I feel about it.

Politically, I completely disagree with her. So, it's not like this incident changed my vote in some way. BUT, if indeed it was genuine, it's the first time I have seen her show any type of emotion that I could connect with.

I do question the genuinity of it...mostly because I think that she is very determined to become President, and was in a desperate situation. If planned, it sure worked. She got some very good advice!

Jamey said...

I have very little idea who I like or don't like at this point, but here is what I think...I think if it was a man that cried we'd all think it was great that he could show emotion and still be strong enough to run the country. I think it's horrible that people are calling it a weakness just because it was a woman. I hate the double standard, but I know it exists and isn't going away. So I just had to complain for a minute. I'm not a very "political" person but I try to stay up on things so I can make a good decision when it is time to vote. Great topic!!

angie said...

I was just thinking about posting about this......staged or sincere. I'm not sure, but I'm leaning more towards staged.....whatever it was though, it brought out a softer side of her that I think many of us needed to see. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment.

Heidi Jo said...

ya know, staged or not the whole thing makes little sense to me. the media's coverage is bizarre to me. didn't we used to care how people voted and what they stood for? according to mainstream media, all that we care about now are presidential 'features' and vulnerablity.

when did politics become about how 'human' someone is instead of what they STAND for?

i know that it's human nature to want a 'presidential looking' candidate (as has been said about romney), or to have a suave speaking candidate (as has been said about obama)...and yes, in the ideal setting all of the above would be most people's choice.

but since we are all human, and last time i checked all the candidates were too, how about letting their policies and records be what decides our vote. not if they choke up on cue or genuinely. not if they use mousse or gel. not if they stammer or speak eloquently.

just my thoughts:0) good topic.

Momma Roar said...

Lots of good comments so far.

I actually had not seen the clip before, and after watching it once, I felt it seemed kinda staged. Not that she had it planned out word for word, but that she was waiting for an opportunity to let her emotions out more. Not sure whether I think it is good or bad that she did that.

I really don't like to follow media coverage on political candidates..I want to know what they stand for, but I don't want the media swaying my vote b/c someone did something that they thought was wrong..blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, those are my thoughts!

MammyT said...

Well. Like ShortStop, I am fully opposed to Hillary's politics. She will make decisions that I cannot agree with and that makes my stand very unshakable, anyway. But for those who were touched by her vulnerability, I'd say this. Perhaps it means that Hillary is a "nicer" or more "feeling" person than we thought, but will she also make a better world leader because of that? I don't think so.
Politics is such a "show-biz" oriented activity that, were it choreographed by her PR staff, I would not be very surprised.
I guess we have to ask ourselves, in this very dangerous time in history, just what is it that we need in a President? One thing I'm sure of, they are going to have to be very tough.

Melissa said...

Still not sure what to think about the tears... part of me wants to believe they were sincere, but I just don't know... how was that for a political answer? :)

Barb said...

wow - good for you Diana to "voice" what a lot of have been thinking about.

I don't think it was staged. I know lots of time, especially when you are really tired, tears can be right below the surface.

A therapist once wrote, "You can trust your tears."

Like others I'm undecided too.

Lynne said...

I've always perceived Hillary as a sincere and down to earth person. I don't think it was staged at all.

I guess I may have had a bit more exposure to her, because I live close to New York, but I always felt that she could "hold her own" and handle any challenges that came her way.

MightyMom said...

staged? it's all staged. Every interview, every question the interviewee ok's before the cameras roll. This is true not only with politics, but with ALL celebrities. And most nowadays also get editing, don't air where I scratched my nose....even stuff that's supposed to be "live" you'll find out later was "digitally enhanced" or some, they started to stutter....good time for a commercial...politics is as real as WWF. truly it is.

here's my thing about Hillary.

She has never governed before. not a city, not a state. I just don't believe you should START your career trying to run an entire nation. And no, hanging on the arm of a president doesn't make you any more qualified to BE president than I am qualified to fix a submarine.

Do you think you can take over your husband's job?

Pinky said...

Good topic, I'm wanting to post about politics lately, too. MightyMom has some excellent points. I think she was very tired, as they all are. I think she was advised to let some extra emotion show, and she did. I cried 4 times today b/c I was tired.
However, she can come out and tell us about her deepest, darkest dreams and I won't like her or vote for her. We vote for people b/c of what they stand for. Not b/c they are "likeable" or b/c we connect with them emotionally. At least, I don't. I don't care if the president of China, North Korea, or Iran can share an emotional moment with our next president, I want them to: believe that he/she means business, has a powerful team, and will follow through. I don't want more war, I want good leaders.
I'm rambling.
I obviously need to post on this! :-)

Daughter of the King said...

Did I think it was staged..somewhat...she is part of a big machine that tells her to get soft..tells her what colors to to soften her image...what to do...motions,emotions...I do not trust ANY woman that would allow a husband to repeatedly break their marriage vows....and stay in the marriage for the name or the me it is all politics....or how about this is she just menopausal?..anyways....where were her tears when her husband was being unfaithful...repeatedly..
Couldn't resist commenting.

Pam in Colorado said...

I had heard about this, but never seen the video.

Looks like tiredness to me. I also think she is sincere in what she is saying, even though this little bit, is really of no real significance. We all can be passionate about something and still not be right, good, qualified, ready....

I am not a Hilary fan, period. Never have been, doubt I ever could be, as she is for things that I am in total opposition of. I think she is conniving, manipulative, power seeking/hungry - at all costs...

She might be a nice lady to sit and have a chat with - I'm sure I could find many things to "like" about her, but I do not want her to lead our country anywhere. I do not think she would create a better U.S., I think instead that she would probably be a huge factor in it's downfall.

Just my opinion. FWIW.

Great post, nice that everyone is "being good" with their responses. I like it when we can be in agreement or disagreement and still be civilized and polite.