Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Remember this (posted here)...

Well, my puppy liked mine so much, he wanted one...

Sunday we came home from church to find Brody's paw bleeding. We tried all afternoon to get it to stop. We made him lay on a blanket and the bleeding would subside - until he would get up and then it would start again. Don went out to buy some special stuff that helps to stop the bleeding. It worked for a while, but once Brody started walking around, the wound opened right up and the blood started flowing. At about the point where the blood was dripping from his paw, we decided we needed to get him to a vet.

Unfortunately, there's no vet offices open at 7:00 on a Sunday night. So we had to take him to an emergency animal hospital. [cha-ching$$... there goes half of our summer vacation.] They wrapped the red bandage around him as soon as we carried him in because they didn't want him to bleed all over their floor. They determined they needed to stitch him up. We had to leave him there and go back to pick him up, which Jake and I did at 11:00.

They gave us this little plastic bootie for him to wear when he needs to go outside. But he can only go out to take care of business. We're supposed to keep him calm and inactive. When he needs to go out, we have to take him on a leash.
And he's supposed to wear this collar to keep him from trying to get his bandage off.

Of course, he hates the bandage, the bootie, and the collar. And of course, we hate having to keep him in the house when he loves to be out in the snow and having to take him outside when it's below 10 degrees.

And in case you're wondering, we think he cut his paw on the metal landscaping trimming we have in the backyard... the ones that he spent all summer tearing off the rubber protection. When the temperatures rise a little and the snow melts, we'll have to go out and rip out every piece of trimming.

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Just Mom said...


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Oh, the poor thing!!! And he looks so pitiful with the hood and the cast thingie...I feel for your doggie!!!

I hope he gets better soon!

Penless Thoughts said...

Poor baby.

Lori said...

OH Poor doggie.
Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Barb said...

My gracious, poor Brody - poor Varey's. Hope it heals soon!!

carrie said...

Poor puppy! And what a pain to keep all that taken care of! Hope it makes it out ok.

Jamey said...

Poor dog!! I have heard of that edging doing that to dogs. The rubber protector works good....when they don't chew it off!! I hope it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

How is he doing now. Just tell him he is fashionable and see if that helps. Okay, the fashion may be a bit on the funky side, but still, how many dogs in the neighborhood have been sporting such attire? ;)

Lynne said...

Poor Brody-that's a double ouch. One for Brody and another for the vet bill!

He looks so sad with that collar and bandage, but I'm wondering if he's picking up any satellite channels?

Seriously-I hope you're feeling better Brody!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

So, does he get a pedicure now? :)

Poor little pup! Hope is up doing better soon!