Thursday, January 24, 2008

happy anniversary

Girlfriend Chronicles continues...

Boyfriend picked up girlfriend right on time for their date. It was a special date. Not only were they going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, but they were celebrating the 6th anniversary of that fateful night when they first kissed. Every year, they remembered and celebrated June 23rd.

They made their way down towards the beach, towards the pier. Boyfriend planned this evening out all by himself and escorted girlfriend to a restaurant that they hadn't dined at before. The food was good, atmosphere nice, and the conversation flowed. After dinner they walked around the pier.

They had spent so much of their time down at this pier. It had a few nice restaurants, but it was more about the atmosphere. It was the place to go to be near the ocean and to be part of the buzz that was the pier - fishermen, shoppers, diners, young lovers, beach bums, families, surfers, tourists, and the people watchers all mingling together on old wooden planks held up by barnacle covered, wave beaten columns.

Boyfriend and girlfriend strolled hand in hand, in no hurry to go anywhere. They stopped to watch the local fishermen as they reeled in their catches. They went into a couple of the little shops, just to look around. They checked out the tanks full of crabs as they walked by the countless fish shanteys.

Eventually, boyfriend steered them over to an out-of-the-way spot to gaze out over the inky blue water and the beach beyond. They watched the last few die-hard beach goers play in the breaking waves or gather their belongings as the sun slowly set over the vast ocean. And as girlfriend was enjoying the view, the sounds, and the smells, boyfriend took her by surprise and asked her that all-important question...

"Will you marry me?"

Girlfriend must have said yes because if you fast-forward 27 1/2 years, you'll find boyfriend and girlfriend as happily married husband and wife. It's been a wonderful 27 years! Girlfriend has truly been blessed. Happy Anniversary, dear husband.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Show & Tell when wedding photos will be shared.

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Barb said...

Happy, happy anniversary! You two were truly meant to be together.

Janice said...

Happy Aniversary to the two of you. I enjoyed your story.

Ma Kettle said...

Happy Anniversary...sounds like the romantic sweethearts had a follow-up this year on vacation in Hawaii!

Have a wonderful day and I love** love** love** reading about strong loving marriages!!

Can't wait until tomorrow!

Lori said...

What a romantic story. You are blessed.

Penless Thoughts said...

Fun read Diana!!! Happy Anniversary :o) I think happy marriages are truly the thing to celebrate because they are earned!!!

KDK said...

(sung to the tune of lone ranger since I didn't call you)
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaa peee Aniversary
Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaa peee Anniversareeeee!


Jamey said...

What a precious story! Happy Anniversary. Wow 27 years, that's GREAT!! I will look forward to tomorrow and the pictures!!

Jen Hill said...

How romantic! You have a lot to be grateful for.

Happy anniversary!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh so sweet. Happy Anniversary again :)