Monday, February 1, 2010

black history=my history

Today, being the first of February, kicks off Black History Month. I've never given this themed month too much thought. But I remember last year getting to February 28th and thinking, "I didn't write anything on my blog that would commemorate the history of the black person or praise the accomplishments of anyone from the black community."

So, when I read something today that reminded me that we are once again to this month on the calendar, I started thinking about what Black History Month really means to me. What should it mean to me? Although I think it's a good thing that we recognize the many contributions made by the black man or woman, why do we have to have a month to do that? Why aren't we doing that all year long?

And why do we single out the black heritage? Do we have a Native American month?, or a Hispanic month? Not that I know of. I'm thinking that black history is a part of American history. We shouldn't pigeon-hole all that is of the African-American people into just one month out of the entire year. Their history is every American's history. That's just my opinion.

Even though I have the above opinion, I went looking into some black history. I found the Bio site is featuring biographies on all kinds of black people, from activists to athletes to politicians to musicians. The History site also gives some interesting milestones and stories. I enjoy history - all kind of history - so I will spend some time reading these features this month.

I guess that's really the purpose of Black History month... education. And to that end, it's an important month that shouldn't go by without notice.


Karen said...

Well said, Diane. And thanks for introducing me to the biography website. Or maybe not -- I can see myself spending lots of time there. Very interesting!

Maxine said...

Very nice post, Diana. Very nice. And I love, love that quote of the day. Going to check out the bio website. I myself have always liked the way the matter is handled at my daughter's school. They make sure they weave in the black history into the American history and always give the children, of all races, positive examples from the blacks who have contributed to our nation's accomplishments. They even weave in bits of the black history in the other subjects, such as reading and spelling. Think I should post about that soon, actually.

Amber said...

I'm glad you wrote this post. I did something for Mile High Mamas about Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I can honestly say it's the first time I've really researched the holiday...and Black History Month in general.

You are inspiring!

Karen said...

Back again to tell you there's a surprise for you over at my blog;)

MightyMom said...

actually, yes, there is a Hispanic Heritage's toward the end of the year...October I think??

But why isn't there a German Heritage month? or a Netherland Heritage month (remember New York was New Amsterdam) or an Irish Catholic history month? did you know that to this day the majority of the cops and firemen in the NE are of Irish Catholic heritage? Why does no one talk about the years in which is was COMMON to see "Irish and Catholic need not apply" on a classified ad?

but see, eventually, we'd run out of MONTHS....and as you said, we should not pigeon hole our history, but rather celebrate ALL our forefathers...all those who came to make this country great so that you and I can live inthe Land of Promise.