Sunday, July 26, 2009

just wondering

I wonder...

... why I haven't been more motivated to blog.

... why other bloggers aren't posting as much.

... why some bloggers have ceased to write completely.

... why comments have been so scarce.

... if my posts are lacking something, like interest.

... if I would be more motivated to write a post if I knew more people were reading it.

... if other bloggers have been less motivated, or if it's just the season of summer.

... what I can write about tomorrow.

Speaking of blogging, Michelle of Scribbit wrote a great post on what she's learned about blogging that has me wondering even more.
Check it out.


MightyMom said...

Hey, now. I'm still here...albeit slightly braindead from this work changeover.

And I try to comment often...well I try anyways.

tomorrow you will post about the things that enter your heart tonight.... ;-)

Momma Roar said...

I've gone rounds with these questions as well.

Tomorrow you'll post your thoughts and feelings regarding our comments?? ;-D

RE: cake - leaving the coconut out won't make a huge's a small player in the big picture - I think you'll love it!

Short Stop said...

You know, my blog and I battle it out about every 6 months over many of these same questions. I get in a funk, where I don't feel like blogging at all, and feel generally annoyed by the whole dang thing - my blog, the "blogosphere", comments - the whole shebang.

But, then, after we battle it out, I always find myself back at it, freshly motivated, and usually for different reasons than I was blogging before.

In regards to comments, I used to feel like comments reflected on me - how good my writing is, if my pictures are worthy of someone saying something, or if my recipe looks appetizing. But, I'm learning that comments are less about me, and more about where my readers are. Maybe they just want to skim and get back outside. Maybe they don't feel like logging in. Or maybe, they're itching to get over to PW's site where they find the really good food and entertainment.

All that to say, what you have to offer is you. And, your spirit and love for life comes through in every post you write - and I can tell you as one of your readers who hasn't commented once this summer, I'm here - reading, enjoying life with you, and hoping that you continue to give me a glimpse into your life through your blog.

Even if I don't comment.

Karen said...

I've noticed less activity in blogging lately, too. Many of the blogs I follow have been around for a few years, so perhaps people are running out of new ideas, or as with any hobby, it begins to wane a bit. I've also heard that FB and twitter have made a difference, a lot of people going over to that. I hope not! I love blogging, and I've gotten to the point where I write to keep a journal of sorts. which is what I originally intended. I love comments, don't get me wrong! But I try not to let them dictate whether or not my writing is good or not. I think it depends a lot more on what's going on with people, like Short Stop said, whether or not they comment.

I love your blog! You keep it lively and seem to come up with a variety of topics. I need to put more thought into coming up with new topics. Just so I don't bore my readers. Or myself:)

Susan said...

A good thought provoking post, Diana. I followed the link and enjoyed it. I think you have inspired me to follow-up on this subject :o) Thanks!!

I truly think summer, vacations, busyness, is part of the lag currently taking place.

Anonymous said...

I think we're all just feeling the affects of summer. My comments have gone way down -- along with my desire to blog. But I'm guessing once the kids go back to school things will pick up again.

brspeer said...

It is summer and people want to be out of doors, and away from the computer. Schedules are busy and blogging is one of the first to go. And facebook... yeah, it happens. But I actually found blogging after facebook... so it has its ups and downs.

Jamey said...

I still read!! I love your blog! I have noticed the same thing though. It seems like people are more into facebook than blogging now a days. I will always be a blogger girl...facebook doesn't do it for me. Right now I am competely unmotivated to post. It might be a few days...I kind of notice a pattern. We spent the weekend at my dad's and with my brothers. It never turns out how I hope it will and it makes me sad. Then I need a few days to recover before I'm up to blogging again.

Don't give up on blogging though...I would miss you :)

Remember your comment "is Max ever going to get a turtle?" He'll have you to thank when he gets one for Christmas!! Because I read your comment and thought to myself...really what is the big deal and it's time. He's such a good kid and he doesn't hound me at all. And he loves turtles so much!! So thanks!!

Just Mom said...

I blame the whole darn thing on Facebook.

Karen said...

Well . . those are very good questions. I too have wondered what happens to some people. I have one gal who I just adored, even sent her some fun things for her and her kids to enjoy , and she just dropped off the face of the planet.
As for me - I am running around like a chicken trying to do the last minute shopping, packing the coach, and getting the house ready for us to leave (but two sons to stay home ) on vacation tomorrow! Whew! It's hard work going on vacation! LOL
SO - I may not be able to post for a few days - just depends on if we can scare up an internet connection somewhere. We shall see!
SO if I don't talk to you soon, have a wonderful week, and I'll be posting from our trip as I can. WHOO HOOO!!!!!! So. Dakota, then Colorado - here we come!!! YAY!!!

kailani said...

I think it's because it's Summer. The kids are keeping us busy and everyone is enjoying the outdoors. :-)

Melissa said...

I have been horrible this month, I admit it. Blogging just hasn't been a priority. I keep hoping that I'll be back in the swing of things soon, but to be honest... the kids are out of school and computer time is scarce around here! Only 5 weeks and then hopefully I'll be back!!

Huckdoll said...

Oh honey - this is a common question going around the 'sphere right now :) It's summertime and I think a lot of folks are enjoying - it's something I've experienced myself each summer, for the three summers I've been writing a blog.

Keep writing and keep doing your thing regardless of what anyone else is or isn't doing!

Carolyn said...

I had to smile when I read this post. Similar thoughts had been rambling around in my head as well, although I was taking it a step further, wondering why my blogging efforts were lacking even though I have a golden opportunity to blog my brains out right now.

It took me a couple of days to fully put my thoughts together, but I think I finally have it. It will go hand in hand with next week's "About Me Monday" when I look at the letter D.

Scribbit said...

I'm slow to join this party but had to say thanks for mentioning me!

And I'm SO with you. I've wondered if others are feeling the strain of it too.