Friday, April 10, 2009

good for me, good for you

Jesus died,
He died on the Cross
A death that must be
So we will live
Though He didn’t deserve
He accepted the cup
Out of His love
For you and for me
His blood that flows
Cleanses our soul
He lightens our load
By carrying our cross
And in response
We crowned Him with thorns
While up in the cross
He asked Our Father to forgive us
Cause we still don’t realize
What He has done for us
Being brought down from the cross
We could just silently watch
Looking at His helpless body
Did it touch our heart?

Jesus is dead
He is laid on the ground
But Jesus will live again
If we open our hearts
And let Him live in us.

Angeles City

I hope you will be able to take some time today, Good Friday, to reflect on how much God loves you.


Melissa said...

I love this time of year! We've started to take our family away from the bunnies and candy and we're trying to focus more on Christ!

MightyMom said...

very nice!

Amber said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it!

Jamey said...

That is amazing! Sometimes we forget the reason for this holiday with all the commercialization. It's nice to be reminded of the true meaning, it's not all about the Easter Bunny :) Did I tell you we found a church? I am so glad! So far we really like it and have enjoyed going. I am looking forward to the sevice tomorrow and having the whole family be there together to hear the message! Have a great Easter!!

Susan said...