Friday, January 1, 2010

top 10

Well, happy new year! 2010 has arrived and as I sit here, I'm not only thinking about a new year, a new decade, and new beginnings, but reflecting on the last year and the last decade. I guess this is pretty normal for new year's day. That, and lounging around in my jammies, watching parades (okay, one parade) and football games, and playing around on Facebook.

I'll most likely be writing about my thoughts and reflections in the next couple of days. Some things are worth writing about and some things are worth keeping to myself. We'll see what ends up in a post.

One of the tasks I give myself at the end of each year is to comprise a list of my top 10 movies from the year. As I look back at my list (always kept on my sidebar), I realize once again what I kept thinking throughout the year... there weren't as many good movies this year as in previous years. Never the less, I was able to come up with 10. Actually, it was easy coming up with 10 because there weren't many good ones to choose from.

I saw a total of 47 movies this year (51 last year). A few of these movies were from 2008, but since I saw them in 2009, they're included here.

10. earth
9. The Soloist
8. The Reader
7. Up
6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
5. Gran Torino
4. Precious
3. Blindside
2. Slum Dog Millionaire
1. Avatar

Here's to hoping we have some better movies in 2010.


Maxine said...

I don't get to go to the movies much anymore, so I can't identify too much. But I do want to wish you and your family a year 2010 that is blessed!

So you're on Facebook? I'll try to find you!

Karen said...

That's a good idea, keeping track of the movies you see. I don't see nearly as many, but I have a hard time remembering the ones I do see! On your list, I saw Blindside and Gran Torino, and they would definitely make my favorites list!

Happy New Year!

Just Mom said...

I see what you mean about needing more good films out there. I LOVE the Harry Potter books, and I think the movies are great, but to end up on a Top 10 list? I'm not so sure.

I haven't seen what I would call an outstanding movie since "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King." That was about seven years ago. Of course, I haven't seen very many movies since then....

MightyMom said...

and 2011 brings the first half of Deathly Hallows!! yippee

brspeer said...

Avatar definitely belongs at the #1 spot. I LOVED it (and it isn't even my typical style). There is also one that has been previewed by a friend of mine who says it is amazing coming out Jan 20th. It is only in select theaters but is called TO SAVE A LIFE. Very relevant to today's culture.

kailani said...

I think Slumdog is the only I saw at the theater from your list. I really enjoyed it but the first half of the movie was really hard to watch.

Amber said...

That's kind of sad you had a tough time narrowing it down after seeing so many. My Top 10 would be the only 10 I saw this year. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Midday Escapades said...

Great list! I still need to see of them and appreciate it. Have a fantastic weekend!