Thursday, January 21, 2010


Nearly ten years ago, I was a camp counselor for a small group of Junior High students from my church. All week long, during the evening session, Compassion International would have a table set up with pictures of children from different impoverished countries. The purpose of C.I. was to entice you to adopt one of the children by sending money on a monthly basis to pay for their education and other necessities.

The last night of camp, the girls in our youth group talked me into adopting one of these children for the youth group. We decided that part of the offerings we collect would go to the monthly fee. A few of us stood at the table, picking up one packet after another, trying to decide which child would be the one for us. After some discussion, we agreed on a little girl from Haiti.

Her name was Mirlandia. I think one of the reasons the girls liked her was because her name was easy to pronounce and remember, compared to some of the other ones. She was 6 years old and had these beautiful, haunting eyes that seemed to stare right into your heart. Her bio gave little information about her except that she liked going to school and help her mom with work around the house.

We would occasionally send Mirlandia notes and artwork from the group and she would in turn send us letters telling us more about herself and always thanking us for our prayers and being a part of her life. I always wondered what it would be like for her to live where she did. I also wondered what it would be like to meet her in person, knowing that really wouldn't ever happen.

I write this today because I can't help but think about Mirlandia and the tragedy that has struck her small island. To be honest, I haven't thought much about this young girl since I quit my job and we left that church, but I'm thinking a lot about her now. She would be nearly 16 years old now. What has the last 5-6 years looked like for her? What does she look like? Where was she when the quake(s) hit? Was she hurt? Is she alive? What does her life look like now?

I will never know the answers to these questions, but as I pray for the people and situation in Haiti, I include a special prayer for Mirlandia and her family. May they feel God's mercy and love during this time. Won't you join me in this prayer.


Momma Roar said...

Yes, such an awful tragedy for the people of Haiti.

I'm hoping she's safe and with her loved ones.

Continuining to lift up the Haitians in prayer. Our church has a sister church near Limbe. We've heard from Limbe, but not from the area (in the hills) where the church is. We had a team in Haiti that flew out less than 24 hours before the quake hit. T's dad and brother were among the men on the team. We're so thankful for God's protection for our team but feel so helpless for the Haitians.

Karen said...

Putting a face and name that you know and care about makes this tragedy much more real. I enjoyed your Daybook from Monday. Off to check out your photo blog!

Karen said...

Wow, Diana, your photos are awesome. I have vowed I will not start another project, because I can't handle what's on my plate right now! But, your pictures! have inspired me. What a fun thing to do, the 365 project!

Melissa said...

Wow... first of all, I think it's fantastic that a group of youth wanted to work on taking care of that young girl through donations and their time! Such fantastic examples.
Second... my heart aches for the people of Haiti. I have a cousin who served a mission there about 10 years ago - so I learned a little about the country. My thoughts and prayers are with the Haitian people... but also with all the workers that are desperately trying to get into that country to help! I was reading an article about all of the aid workers and supplies that are stuck in Florida or the Dominican Republic. They supplies to help are there - but they just don't have anyone in charge to get it organized and into the country!

Maxine said...

Oh my, Diana. How I can identify with you. I just said a prayer for her and will try to remember to continue to think of this girl. We sponsor through World Vision but our child is in Africa. World Vision sent an email saying so far they have had no reports of deaths of children sponsored through them, but they couldn't yet say for sure.

mom said...

I think of the children a lot, but also parents desperate to feed them, to get them medical care, a safe place to sleep.

I think of the parents who can't find their children, children wondering where their parents are.

Pray, pray, pray!

Jamey said...

I have thought a lot of the people of Haiti since the earthquake. One of our nurse practitioners went there to help out. It's so sad!