Thursday, October 15, 2009

came and went

Tuesday was my 50th birthday... yesterday was Don's 50th birthday... today is Thursday, and it's a beautiful day.

Thank you to everyone who extended good wishes for my birthday and described how they would or did spend their 50th birthday. They were fun to read. I stated in my Tuesday post that I would let you know how I ended up spending my birthday.

Well, I didn't do anything monumental. I had wanted to go to the zoo with my camera and spend time photographing the animals. Capturing life through the lens of my camera is one of my favorite pass times and thought that would be a fun way to spend the day. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate. I scrapped the idea early on.

After spending most of the morning reading, I headed off to the mall. I hadn't gone mall shopping in some time and enjoyed walking, looking, and trying on a few pieces of clothing and a couple of pairs of shoes. I walked out with only one bag - a new pair of shoes.

By then, the sun decided to make an appearance. I headed over to my favorite reading place, the plaza, and sat in my car and read. I find I get so much more reading done outside my home. I love feeling the warmth of the sun collect in the enclosed space and feeling the peace and calm while losing myself in the pages of a good book.

Don came home early and we decided to go to the movies before dinner. There weren't many movies out right now that we felt like we would both enjoy. We settled on Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis. After the movie, we ate dinner at PF Changs. I tried something new and I now have a new favorite dish at this favorite restaurant. It was a very nice day and evening.

Just for the record, our kids came home last weekend and we all celebrated the birthdays with a dinner out on Saturday night and then going home and playing a game. Some girlfriends will be taking me out tomorrow and another group of friends are treating me to breakfast next Monday.

Okay... on to who won the give-away. I wrote down everyone's name (only once, Mighty Mom) on a slip of paper, put them into a bowl, and drew out one. That piece of paper had the name of... (drum role please)... Melissa of Mejojac's Memos. Congratulations Melissa, and thank you to everyone who commented.


Karen said...

A wonderful way to celebrate -- doing things you love, spending time with family and girlfriends. It doesn't get much better than that:) I like reading in my car, too. Sometimes I make it a point to go early to pick up my kids from school so I'll have half an hour to sit and read. No distractions that way.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a really nice day!! I love being able to browse around in stores without being rushed... and being able to read, taking in a movie and eating at PF Changs are all things I want to do on my birthday this year too :D
AND... HURRAH!! I won :D

barb/mom said...

Good for you --- doing good things for yourself and having enjoying the process. Hey, I'll read a book anywhere!

Jamey said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday. Too bad the zoo idea didn't work out but you made the best of it! I always take a book with me when I go pick up the kids. I read in my car while I am waiting to go in and get them!

Momma Roar said...

No pictures?


MightyMom said...

glad you enjoyed your day....and..grumble...congrats Melissa....sigh.